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blue9girl9 05-29-2006 10:57 AM

Low hum when I yawn or burp in one ear
For the past 5 days or so, I've been getting a hum in my right ear when I yawn or burp. I'm posting here for help because I have no health insurance and am hoping someone can perhaps give me an idea of what this could be before I go to a million doctors and spend more money than I have.

When it happens, my hearing in the ear is muffled. I don't feel dizzy or anything like that. The sound is not really loud. It is not a high pitched ring, but more a hum that starts on one pitch and ends on another... almost like the inside of my ear is sighing, or similar to one's stomach growling when hungry. The pitch is low. I thought at first that it was happening when I stand up too fast, but it seems to just be burping or yawning that makes it happen. If I yawn or burp on purpose, it doesn't happen.

My hearing isn't any worse than in the past (although I haven't had an actual hearing test in a long time.)

I scuba dive, but did so last in March (3 months ago). I haven't been swimming since then.

I am a singer and have been a performing musician for many years now. I recently purchase in-ear monitors which I have been using for the past few months. I have had no kind of trauma recently, except I did get a head rush and pass out several months ago.

I also have been getting bloody noses while at my office job, but I have been attributing that to the bad, dry air in the building.

I know I have to go to the doctor, but does anyone have a clue what this could be? The sound is not a high pitched ringing, it isn't a roaring, it's not like wind, it's hard to describe!

Thanks in advance for any insight into this troubling occurence.

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