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scrapfor10 06-10-2006 08:10 PM

pain after adult tonsillectomy
I just had my tonsils removed on June 1. So, I am about on day 9. Still in a lot of pain, matter of fact I'd say it just got worse a few days ago.
I had the misfortune of having to call the dr. for more pain medication. I had a large bottle of liquid Lortab for the first week & took that every 4 hours around the clock, sometimes I would give in & go ahead at 3 1/2-3 3/4. Anyhow, I ran out & refilled it. Well that bottle was a bit smaller then the first. So, I just ran out today (my last dose few hours ago). I was able to get one more even smaller bottle of Lortab but not after getting a huge amount of suspicion on the part of the nurse. Who asked me was I drinking enough water. Yes, I honestly think that they believe that water will take away the pain??? Well I am drinking 64 oz. of plain water, eating ice chips, eating popsicles, eating foods that do have some texture in them. I am taking my vitamins as well. Next thing I was told was maybe it was time to switch me to regular tylenol. Now, regular tylenol has never really helped me even for small headaches. I have always used ibuprofen b/c it works best of all the otc meds for me. So, next thing I get is that I need to decrease my dose to every 6 hours. As it is I am getting maybe 3 hours tops of good pain relief & dealing with the other one hour before being ok to take more according the my Rx on the bottle. So, I do have one more "refill" albeit a small one & I am fretting big time, on top of still being in a good amount of pain (about 6-7 now not including the ear pain which I am finding intolerable except when lying down). The pain is bad enough to wake me up after about 4 hours like clockwork.
I am NOT a drug seeker. I have taken narcs before for dental problems as well as gallbladder surgery (which to me was far less painful then this) & even after using them for weeks around the clock I had no trouble coming off of it & I never craved it after going off it. I just felt such guilt & started balling after getting off the phone with her. It is not like I wanted to be in pain. Had I honestly known that I would be stuck possibly with very little relief in sight I'd probably have opted out of this.
If I could be taking ibuprofen I would be in a heartbeat. But, obviously can't do that b/c of the risk of bleeding. Why bother taking ordinary tylenol if it does not work for me. My dentist (I also had a root canal just a week before my surgery & it got infected & was painful) was very understanding & allowed me the pain relief.
I'm just really feeling depressed, stressed out, worried, you name it, oh yeah, still in pain but my scabs are finally falling off so is there hope in sight??
I hate to post this in case anyone pre op is reading. I don't want anyone to be afraid. I guess what I'd tell others is be prepared to have pain & be prepared & maybe discuss with the dr. ahead of time the plan for extended pain. I wish I had discussed it further with mine.

Vicky K.

atoms1234 06-11-2006 05:45 AM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
I would demand a prescrip.. for Vicodin. I'm currently on that and it's working ok. I'm able to drink water and soft food. I started on Tylenol w/ Codeine but I think the Vicodin helps suppress coughs and is a little stronger.. Tonsils came out on June 6 so I'm on day 5 of the recovery..

scrapfor10 06-11-2006 04:17 PM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
well what is crazy is my handout from the hospital even said on it to not worry about needing to take medication, b/c the risk of becoming addicted is very low. It was so frustrating. I did write them a letter though.
Thankfully I'm now on day 10 & needing less meds. I am so glad I finally got around the corner! It still aches but not as badly.
I may ask them to at least Rx some tylenol #3 to finish off the pain & to have something on hand for the last couple of weeks of recovery.

scrapfor10 06-12-2006 10:41 AM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
thanks for the reply! I will look into getting some liquid tylenol. I still have 1/2 a bottle of the Lortab so am stretching that out as long as possible. I just got very upset that a nurse would say what she did right when I was in the peak of the pain. After the hospital handed out their sheet on how you need to not wait until your pain is at a bad stage before taking something she'd say I needed to "tough it out".

scrapfor10 06-14-2006 07:06 PM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
I believe that water is a good thing & I have been taking in about 80 ounces a day not including popsicles, broth from soups, etc. So, the water was not making a whole lot of difference in my pain levels. I can say I'm sure the water is a healthy thing but at certain points during this whole recovery thing I think nothing would have helped except steady pain meds. That time period when the scabs were starting to remove was the worst pain I had the whole time.
I am in a lot of pain now & will explain that in a new thread. Big adventure that I would not want to repeat :(

Vicky Kelly

madam50 06-18-2006 04:07 PM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
I am at day 9 of my recovery. My "first" tonsils were removed at age 4 and now again at the ripe old age of 50! I guess they grew back or were never properly removed the first time around. I did not want to know in advance any of the specifics of the surgery because I knew it would scare me and I probably wouldn't have gone through with it. I was released from the hospital the same day. I wonder if this is normal procedure? The first couple of days were painful and I am limited on what pain meds I can take due to allergies. I was given 2 Darvocet N 100's every 4-6 hours. A Lidocaine numbing gel gargle to be used every 2 hours, prednisone steroids and the usual antibiotics. These seemed to work OK but when the time for more was near - I was ready! As the days went by, it seemed every day brought on a new or different pain. I was drinking enough water, popsicles, jello etc. I would try to add new and "exciting" foods to my menu of the above. Sherbet, baby foods, cream of whatever soups, cream of wheat cereal, mashed potatoes and lo and behold instant grits. OH did [U]they[/U] seem to taste good! The junk at the back of my throat, which can be seen by looking into a mirror and shining a flashlight at the image of your open mouth, slowly sloughed off and I didn't notice any bleeding. There is still some back there, but not like it was. By the way, for me all the dead stuff tasted like old, rotting medicine. The way to get rid of that taste was by carefully chewing a "gentle" gum - nothing real strong flavored, or letting some pastel mints kind of melt in the mouth. The first few days of adding baby food seemed to be OK, but then I found that they burned my throat. I don't know if it was the ascorbic or citric acids in the foods, but watch out for that too. I tried a little piece of fresh watermelon yesterday and even that burned. OK - about day 6, I was beginning to get referred ear pain. My throat was still sore and it was hard to swallow, but nothing compared to this ear pain. Day 7, I had a call into the Dr. because something different HAD to happen. The Darvocets were not helping AT ALL!! I was pacing the floors, crying like a baby, holding my head, applying ice packs to the throat and face, and ready to find a gun. Finally heard back from the nurse who said that I could add liquid Motrin - 800mg according to package directions. You can only buy over-the-counter (OTC) 100-200mg liquid dose bottles. I am taking 4 tsps. every 4 hours along with my Darvocet N 100's. It is AMAZING how fast the Motrin works on the ear pain - within 5-10 minutes!! When it wears off - I definately know. I have lost 17 pounds these last 9 days and my stomach feels like it is gnawing at itself, I am SO hungry! Can't wait to sink my teeth into a large ole Pizza Hut Pan Pizza. This has been hard work for a 50 year old lady and what upsets me the most is that the Dr. was only going to remove one tonsil, but he decided to do both of them since he was there! I know I signed release forms, etc. for the surgery, but this just seems WRONG to make someone suffer like this. Anyone out there reading this, if you need to have the surgery - do it. But make sure you know what you are getting into. Make sure you have a responsible, loving, caring caregiver to help you. You will be on drugs and will need help with going to the store, keeping track of medicines and general pampering. I would not want to have to do this in a stressful situation - chaotic home life, young children underfoot, or a demanding work schedule. I don't know why kids handle this surgery so much better than adults do. I just want the ear pain to be gone!!!!! Will post more as I progress. Wish me luck!

AMacho426 06-18-2006 04:18 PM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
Madam50 - You're almost there! I had ear pain from day 5 or 6 until about day 13 or 14. Then suddenly, it just stopped. My throat was still sore, but the ear pain was finally gone. I'm now on day 17 and the soreness is almost completely gone.

madam50 06-18-2006 10:22 PM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
AMacho426 - Thanks - glad to hear that there is something to look forward to. Keep up the good work and keep us all updated.

madam50 07-01-2006 02:53 PM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
I am now at day 22 post surgery. The throat pain is MUCH better although not completely gone. The ear pain has left and that is a big help. I lost up to 20 pounds total, but now that I am pretty much eating everything again, I have gained back 10 of those pounds. For anyone going through this nasty recovery, just hang in there. I didn't think that I would ever feel good again, but the worst is now behind me and I do see an end to the pain and suffering. I believe my turning point came about day 13-14. The best advice I can give is to drink LOTS of fluids and this will keep your throat hydrated and makes swallowing tolerable - and that will help you to feel better. I never did have any bleeding that I knew of. The more that I ate, the more the nasty crud in the back of the throat came off. Just don't eat anything hard or "scratchy" until all of the crud leaves - I think that is why I never had any bleeding. I wish you all the best - if you need any advice, just ask!
~~~Madam 50

debralynne 07-11-2006 06:19 PM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
I'm 34 years old and having my tonsills taken out this Thursday (in 2 days). I have been a little nervous about the bleeding thing and a lot nervous about the pain thing. After reading the other posts, I reckon this ain't gonna be a cakewalk! I don't know yet what kind of meds I'll be taking or haven't been given any suggestions from the doc yet about popsicles or anything. I usually take Advil about 3 times a day and had to stop taking that about 2 weeks ago. So... any suggestions for the first few days???

thebentthroat 07-12-2006 01:16 PM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
[QUOTE=madam50]Just don't eat anything hard or "scratchy" until all of the crud leaves - I think that is why I never had any bleeding.
~~~Madam 50[/QUOTE]

I was told to eat scratchy stuff to begin with - one of my first meals was toast!

STAGRE 07-13-2006 10:27 AM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
I just read your post and know how you feel. I am 53 years old and had my tonsils out on the 15th of June. As I told someone the other day, the first 5 days were BAD, the next 5 five days were pure H---, and the next 5 days were bad again. I could handle the throat pain but the ear pain would drop me to the floor. Sorry, but it was really that bad for me. It wouldn't last long and it would happen just all of a sudden. I cried when it hit. My DH asked if it really hurt that bad because he knows I don't cry with pain. It is funny because one of my tonsils was very deep rooted and infected down into my neck but the other was just cryptic with infection. The "bad" tonsil never hurt! The scabs are still coming off but I went back to work after a week at home. The Dr's office wasn't crazy about giving me another prescription but they did, although for anly 15 pills (oxycodone). They really are not that great in my opinion. I only had to take about 5 of them and the pain was pretty manageable after that with over the counter stuff. I drank lots and lots of water and lukewarm chicken noodle soup. I think it really helped with a lot of the throat pain. I am anxious to see how I will feel in a couple of months. I would probably do it again but not sure.

mamie 07-14-2006 01:05 AM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
I am 25 and I am having my tonsils taken out Tuesday July 18 I am scared to death, I am worried about getting sick and busting stiches. How did they take urs out? Did they do laser or what? I know I am not crazy just concerd on how I am going to be after surgery? Another thing did they get you some med. to help calm you down.. I know it as " the happy med" Hope to hear from you soon. - Mamie

mamie 07-14-2006 01:08 AM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy

I am 25 and I am having my tonsils taken out Tuesday July 18 I am scared to death, I am worried about getting sick and busting stiches. How did they take urs out? Did they do laser or what? I know I am not crazy just concerd on how I am going to be after surgery? Another thing did they get you some med. to help calm you down.. I know it as " the happy med" Hope to hear from you soon. - Mamie

STAGRE 07-14-2006 06:33 AM

Re: pain after adult tonsillectomy
I live in Huntsville, AL also:) Who is doing yours? I think mine were cauterized. The throat hurt but no worse that a bad case of tonsillitis. It just stays around for a little longer. The main thing is not to let the pain get in front of you. The liquid pain stuff wasn't too bad. I never had any success with the Lidicaine but I think that was me and not the medicine.I made sure I ate soft foods and drank an enormous amount of water. Lukewarm , definitely not cold. Cold or hot stuff really hurt! So did anything citrus in it! I started with water and tea but finally stayed with water. It did hurt to swallow but my throat hurt more if I let it get dry. I still have a little dryness in my throat but the scabs are still coming off. Almost all gone though. The top of your throat or mouth or whatever will be red and tender also. I would equate the ear pain with the same sensation as biting the back of your tongue really bad. Your tongue also hurts. But it doesn't last forever:) I am 53 and if i can come back to work ina week then you should do great!

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