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Found temporary comfort

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Old 07-03-2006, 10:00 PM   #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: NY, NY, USA
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Greg HB User
Found temporary comfort

Been having a horrible time the past few months. My symptoms include ear pressure, not sure how to describe, just feel fullness in my ears and in my sinuses, my nostrols are often clogged, post nasal drip irritating my throat, tinnitis in my left ear, and I generally feel like crap most of the time.

Luckily found something that makes me feel alot better, at least for 3 or 4 hours. Here it is :

1) Bring a pot of water to boil
2) Pour boiling hot water into large pan
3) Stick face in the pan, cover head with a towel to keep the steam in
4) Inhale steam any way I like. I start with nose, switch to inhaling by mouth, switch back to nose.
5) Very Gently blow my nose

This process gives me sinus relief for about 3-4 hours, lets me breath easy, even eases my post nasal drip.

Other things that help me :

Hot steamy showers
Flonase (just slightly)
Saline solution gargle of 1/4 tsp salt to 1 cup water for my post nasal drip
Wendies chili (don't ask me to explain it)

I am considering purchasing a humidifier and a white noise generator, to help moisten my sinuses and help me sleep through the tinnitis.

Happy 4th of July everyone, God bless America, peace to the world


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Old 07-04-2006, 04:03 AM   #2
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Location: Albany, N.Y.
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Anjjou72 HB User
Re: Found temporary comfort

Hmm, all these problems in the past few months and you live in NY? Sounds like allergies if you ask me. I'd be suffering with the same things more than I already do if it weren't for my antihistamine (Zyrtec), my Rhinocort nose spray, and my avoidance of dairy. (Dairy promotes bigtime congestion and mucous) I suffer from everything you mentioned, except my nose never gets plugged to the point where I can't breathe out of it, and I suffer to a lesser extent because of the Zyrtec. Perhaps you should try an OTC antihistamine to see if it provides you with relief. It won't happen after the fist pill, so don't give up right away. Also, a decongestant might help too. Of course there's also the possibility that you may even have a sinus infection. Have you seen a DR at all?

Old 07-04-2006, 10:28 AM   #3
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Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: NY, NY, USA
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Greg HB User
Re: Found temporary comfort

I suspect allergies but I'm told that an allergy test is a waste of money.

I've been to 4 MD's, 3 ENT's and an audiologist.

Took benedryl, it caused my mucous to become like glue, I was up at 3am spitting out thick gluey phlegm.

Also took another allergy med, I forget the name, it has pseudo-ephedrine in it, and I had some kind of psychic reaction, vivid dreams, fast breathing, sweating, dizziness.

I was prescribed Hydroxyzone HCL and it helped me ALOT, but I can't keep taking it long term.

I'm at the end of my rope. I will prolly try different allergy meds, see if 1 of them will give me good long-term results.

For now the boiling water thing really helps me.

Last edited by Greg; 07-04-2006 at 10:32 AM.

Old 07-05-2006, 08:07 AM   #4
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Albany, N.Y.
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Anjjou72 HB User
Re: Found temporary comfort

In my opinion, an allergy test is crucial in that it identifies your triggers and the severity of them so that you can then begin to learn how to deal with them. The only time I'd consider it a waste of money is if they test your blood for allergies, which is not even close to being as accurate as a skin ***** (scratch) test. Blood tests are accurate for food allergies, but not seasonal/environmental allergies. Once allergies are identified they are treated through medication, shots, (if you are a candidate) and the avoidance or minimization of your triggers. You will also learn that certain foods will have profound effects on your allergies during certain seasons. All very important information that will essentially help ease your suffering. When getting tested though, it is best to have an allergist or immunologist do the testing. Never a GP. Some ENT's also specialize in allergy/immunology, as is the case for me.

As far as OTC meds, have you tried Claritin? That is probably the best antihistamine you can buy OTC, although not as strong as something you'd get with a script. Sudafed is a good choice for a decongestant, but it does have pseudoephedrine in it.

You should give serious consideration to getting tested because untreated allergies will get worse and they can cause sinus infections, ear infections, respiratory infections and also make you prone to picking up viruses since your immune system is threatened. Not a fun time and I speak from a LOT of years of experience. I've been a sufferer for all of my 34 years! Sinus issues like you are experiencing can also cause breathing problems because the congestion (mucous) makes it's way into your bronchial tubes thus restricting your breathing. Again, not a good time and the number one reason why I can't have dairy. I'll sacrifice dairy for breathing any day!

Unfortunately, there is no cure for allergies. There are however, many ways to manage them, and many sacrifices you'll have to make. If you ask me, it's better than the alternative of suffering!

I wish you the best of luck!

Old 07-10-2006, 12:55 PM   #5
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vicster HB User
Smile Re: Found temporary comfort

Hi Greg, I have had symptoms very similar to yours for nearly a year now. It's been a very difficult time for me, as I'm sure it has for you, and sadly none of the doctors I've seen seem to know what the problem is. I feel it's definitely linked to a car accident last year where I took a real whack on the head but no one seems to know.

I really liked your list of things that make you feel better. It's so nice to find someone on here who wants to share something positive!

I agree with all your ideas but I wanted to tell you about an extra one. I've been using self-acupressure for some time now. It's so simple it's ridiculous - basically it just involves pressing various points on your body (mainly your face for sinus problems) with your fingers for a few minutes. Very easy but very effective. Just knowing there is something that can give you temporary relief makes such a difference. Just google "acupressure" +sinus and you should find enough information to get you started.

Good luck!


Old 07-11-2006, 03:47 AM   #6
Andrea Love
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Lanark
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Andrea Love HB User
Re: Found temporary comfort

Hello Greg, just been reading your post and would like to say that I have been suffering a lot of what you describe for the last nine months. It started off with an ear infection brought on my ent consultant thinks by a heavy cold that i had. Along with the infection came tinnitus in my right ear too. A sort of hissing sound. The ent consultant has told me I have eustachian tube dysfunction and isnt sure whether this was brought on by the ear infection or the ear infection was brought on by etd. Anyways sinus congestion makes this worse, and the noise louder in my ear. Along with this is the feeling of pressure in my ear which is worse when Im in the car driving. I have tried decongestants, steroid nose sprays, steam inhalation and antibiotics. Every time the ear seems to improve I catch another cold and bang we are back at the start. The ears pop, crack and block continually and as they start to clear usually over five or six weeks the pressure eases and my ear seems to feel a lot more normal. No one has tried to get to the bottom of why I seem to have all this mucous. If my ear doesnt settle down within the next four weeks then I have to get an ear tube placed in my ear to help dry out the ear and hopefully let the etd return to normal, hopefully then the tinnitus will diminish too. What im saying to you is that you probably have etd brought on by the mucous, whether this is an allergy or something else doesnt really matter but until such times as the eustachian tube beings to function normally again you probably will continue to have this problem. You say steaming helps for 3 or 4 hours and this is probably true but its getting rid of the problem altogether which seems to elude most ent specialists. I went for a second opinion last week and was told the same thing eustachian tube dysfunction. The second ent guy agrees with the first that after nine months there is very little chance my ear will return to normal without the tube insertion. You may want to consider this too, as it replaces the eustachian tube's function and allows your ear to be ventilated. If your ear is bunged up with mucous or fluid then quite often your inner ear is the same which is where the tinnitus originates. Putting the tube in should relieve all of this, or so Im told. Anyway hope Iv helped in some way as I know how distressing this situation is, Iv been at my wits end so many times I can tell you. The white noise masker is a good idea but before you go down this road I would try everything to eliminate the cause first and hopefully the tinnitus will go away. Someone told me that there is a larger proportion of people who get rid of their tinnitus than those that are left with it. The ent consultant says 90 percent of people with my condition get resolution from their tinnitus when the ear returns to normal, so Im keeping my fingers crossed as Im only 38 and cant imagine having this for the rest of my life. When going to sleep try to switch off, hard at first but you will get the hang of it, iv no trouble getting to sleep now but dream of the day when I can have a quit night.


Last edited by Andrea Love; 07-11-2006 at 03:52 AM.

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