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blueskies20 12-26-2006 12:30 AM

Help me! My nose is always stuffed and I can't breathe!
Help! I haven't been able to breathe naturally through my nose for the past few weeks. My nose is either runny or stuffed and air won't flow comfortably through my nasal canal. I have to always breathe through my mouth, which I hate. I even used a pen light and a mirror to look up my nose and noticed some kind of reddish bumps (growth?) inside both nostrils. When I'm really stuffed up, the bumps appear more swollen. When I can breathe somewhat, then the bumps seem smaller. I have no idea what these bumps are. Are they polyps? If so, could that be serious?

I've tried oral decongestants, nasal saline spray, hot showers (which helps only temporarily), and hot tea. Lately I've noticed that my mouth is drier, too. Nothing seems to help me breathe. The only relief I get is from Otrivin, which I am trying not to use too much, because I am aware of the rebound effect. I can tolerate breathing through my mouth during the day but it's the nighttime which bothers me, because I can't sleep breathing through my mouth. I don't know what is wrong with me. Is this the beginning of sinus problems?? I have never been to an allergist before, so I don't know if this has anything to do with an allergy, but I've never been allergic to anything before. I am even getting a humidifier to try and ease my breathing.

I'm going to schedule a doctor's appointment soon. But in the meantime, what can I do? What's wrong with me? :confused:

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