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girlcat41 01-25-2007 06:47 PM

tonsillectomy food do's and don'ts??
I am having a tonsillectomy in a few weeks, and I would like to start stocking up. What foods did you find helpful inthe first week and what should be avoided? ( Besides the obvious hard-crunchy foods)

ralnes18 01-25-2007 10:03 PM

Re: tonsillectomy food do's and don'ts??
Actually, ice cream...or anything dairy at that...didn't do well for me the first few days. It made my phlegm feel really thick, which initiated swallowing excessively, which was NO good after a tonsillectomy! I did eat mashed potatoes and gravy, chocolate pudding, and macaroni and cheese after a few days...but one thing that I found to be the most appealing was applesauce. And popsicles. They seemed to be the most soothing. Something about the coldness of them being on the throat. Apple juice was also a good thing because the carbonation in coke/sprite burned a bit too much. And I drank a little gatorade, but didn't find it too appealing...

Hope that helps ya!!! I'm sure there's more you could eat like soup and such, but that's what I survived on initially!!!

Ask to see if your doctor will give you a steroid pack/shot after the really made a difference in my recovery!

Ratatosk 01-26-2007 10:41 AM

Re: tonsillectomy food do's and don'ts??
I started off with lots of popscicles, jello, ice cream. But I got really sick of sweet things and ice cream would make things hurt after awhile. I got hungry for REAL food, but realized things just didn't taste the same and it was a real disappointment. Stuck to saltier things, which is what I craved. Things that were too hot were awful.

But I ate a lot of mashed potatoes with gravy, soggy saltine crackers, soaked them in tepid chicken noodle soup. Warm -- not hot soups... Custard. My husband made me homemade pudding a few times, which I'd eat warm.

And I pretty much wandered around the house with a glass of not too cold water in one hand and a glass of ice chips in the other. The water helped food go down better once the healing started.

LorieR 01-26-2007 06:22 PM

Re: tonsillectomy food do's and don'ts??
Getting my tonsils out back in Aug 06 was the worst experience of my life - blah! It took me a good 30 days to recover back to 100%. I think I am a lot healthier now though.. so Im glad I did it.

What did I eat? Barely anything. I *made* myself drink 1/2 of a protein drink a day (spiru-tien by nature's plus / chocolate). I ate scrambled eggs a few times, but those got old fast. I tried to eat mashed potatoes, but they hurt too bad b/c they would stick to my mouth. After I started to heal - I made a soft fluffy pancake that I made soggy with syrup. I ate oatmeal a couple of times, but I couldnt really get that down either.

I lost 10 lbs in 14 days... gained all of that back.. oh yeah!!



newsgirl29 01-26-2007 09:38 PM

Re: tonsillectomy food do's and don'ts??
I had a tonsillectomy/adnoids on Jan. 10. I stocked up on bottled water, Gatorade, apple juice, grape juice, chicken broth, herbal teas. That is what sustained me for about 9 days. Make sure the broth and tea are just warm, not hot!

My dear boyfriend also insisted on making me smoothies with chocolate Ensure, bananas, whey protein and ice chips. It was about five days before I could really get any of that down, and even then it was tough. But it was good to get something with some substance in my stomach.

Stay away from anything carbonated. It burns. And, of course, any acidic juices like orange, grape fruit. Even cranberry juice burns.

After about 9 days I started eating really soft foods like apple sauce, mac and cheese, baked potatos. I'm still sort of testing the waters and gradually adding foods back to my diet since I still have some minor pain.

yellowbird14 01-27-2007 09:23 AM

Re: tonsillectomy food do's and don'ts??
I had my tonsillectomy on Oct 17,06 -
I had a really hard time getting things down because they would get stuck. Here's what worked easiest.

-Ensure/slim-fast shakes.
-KFC mashed potatoes with a LOT of gravy
-Scrambled eggs
-Popsicles, half melted eaten with spoon (think slushy) (not red at first - it'll be hard to tell if you're bleeding or not when you check your throat)
-LOTS of bottled water by your side at all times. I found room temperature to be most comfortable - too cold and too hot temps can sometimes be too much.
-Campbells New England Clam Chowder. Chew the potatoes really well. At first I couldn't push them down, but after a while it got easier. Also Campbell's chicken and stars soup. The noodles are small and easy to get down.
-Later in recovery, chow mein with extra gravy - let the noodles get very soft and soggy.

-ANYTHING acidic - orange juice, most juices.
-Spaghetti-os - I had a really bad experience with that :( I thought it would be soft, but didn't think about the tomato sauce burning!
-Chocolate. I was still in recovery on Halloween and I wanted to enjoy all the treats, so I had a few squares of a Lindt chocolate bar, and it really burned the back of my throat. It was more acidic than I thought!
-Ice cream, makes you very phlegm-y. And anything other than vanilla burns, anyway.

That's all I can really think of. I didn't have much to eat for nearly 3 weeks as everything was getting stuck. During that time, I had water, small bites of mashed potatoes, and Ensure drinks. I lost 16 pounds during that time. It's all back except for 3 pounds, so don't get too excited about that part, hehe! After the 3 week mark is where I started to incorporate the chowder and chow mein, etc.

Good luck with everything and remember to keep yourself as hydrated as you can. I went back into the hospital on day 5 due to dehydration and it was an awful feeling. I could hardly walk. Take your pain meds on schedule, and come here to vent if you need to. It really worked for me. (You can find my posts in the sticky Lisa's Guide to Adult Tonsillectomy). We're all here for you!


girlcat41 01-27-2007 02:16 PM

Re: tonsillectomy food do's and don'ts??
What about yogurt anyone??

ktdid 01-27-2007 02:44 PM

Re: tonsillectomy food do's and don'ts??
hi, good question about the yogurt , i'm wondering the same thing.
at first i read that yogurt was really good to prevent thrush,
however i'm wondering if it has the same mucas effects as ice cream?

i did try some (i'm on day5) . it was blended flavored kind. and it had the tinyest specks of fruit in it, that just seemed to float around my mouth, and wouldn't go down.
it is so annoying.

last night i had a coconut flavored ice pop, and it tasted sooooooooo good first few licks.. new flavor, not to sour...

but then it had all kinds of little flecks of coconut pieces in it, that definitely wouldn't go down,
i was so mad :(

good luck!

sheshe238 01-28-2007 11:31 AM

Re: tonsillectomy food do's and don'ts??
yougurt.... It's dairy and all dairy leaves a gross coat in your throat with alot of phlegm.. its gross... so I personally would avoid it. Here I am at day 9 and all I can "eat" is warm tea. That's it. I can't get food down cause it gets stuck in the back of my throat. Anybody have any other suggestions as to what I can drink warm? I do warm sugar water when I get up in the morning before I swallow so I don't start crying in pain. Does anyone else experence this around this time? Well, I am leaving the house for the first time in 9 days!! yippie! going to finally get a humidifer and I'm going to try to sleep in my own bed tonight rather than the couch!

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