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kewlgirl 02-01-2007 12:26 PM

Weird smell in nose
A couple of months ago, I started to smell a sweet/musty scent that I can't really describe. At first I thought it was my cube neighbor at work, as some people have smells that "follow" them.

I could smell it at home also and started to wonder if it was something around me. It's not really a bad smell, just very musty, almost like an old cabin or wood smell. I asked my husband and step-daughter for their opinion and they both told me I was crazy, they don't smell anything different around me or at home.

A couple weeks later I got a head cold/sinus infection. I was on a low dose of antibiotics to help clear things up. The smell disappeared after being on antibiotics and I now wonder if it had to do with a sinus infection.

Since this smell has come back, I've also noticed blood in my left nostril every time I blow or wipe my nose with kleenex. Going to make an appt with doc shortly.

Just curious if anyone has experienced weird smells with sinus infections? Maybe it's the blood I'm smelling?

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