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kirsten07 04-18-2007 10:02 PM

tonsil stones??
lately, alot of the time when i swallow i can feel/smell something in my tonsils its nasty, i had the smell BAAAD last year around the same time and was treated with a 3 day antibiotic which killed the smell until now. i also had this pain in a specific spot in my tonsil last month it hurt so badly i was about to stick a spoon down my throat and start scraping i was so desprate, i started moving my head/neck in the direction it hurt the most and it disappeared! i had this 5 or so yrs ago and the next moring i coughed up a big white plaque ball. i look into my throat and can never see these things that bother my like i hear some people can pluck them out, i cant even see mine! what should i do!

mkgbrook 04-19-2007 08:01 AM

Re: tonsil stones??
Mine used to form behind my tonsils.. I couldn't get at them.. occasional I would get one on the frony bust most formed on the back of my tonsils.. stunk, hurt and irritated my throat and lymph nods chronically.

Only cure is to have a tonsillectomy.

Go to an ENT and get a consultation. Salt/Listerine gargling is the only chronic care method that is known to help.. when this fails you live with it or get the offending Tonsils out.


Emma1983 08-10-2007 04:59 PM

Re: tonsil stones??
Rather than starting a new thread on this topic, I just wanted to ask if anyone who gets tonsil stones, mainly gets them when they are sick with a cold?

I am 23 and got a tonsil stone about a year ago and did not have any more until recently.

A month ago I started a new casual job where I am working with children - I got sick with a cold after working there on my first shift, and didn't know I had a tonsil stone until I sneezed and it came out of my mouth onto a tissue. :o

A couple of days ago I got another cold from work, and after looking at my throat last night, I noticed a tonsil stone on one of my tonsils.

Is it possible that i'm getting tonsil stones because i've been getting sick with colds?

octopus128 08-26-2007 09:05 PM

Re: tonsil stones??
I had my tonsils out 3 weeks ago because the terrible smell and mere IDEA of having THAT in my mouth was disgusting to me. I basically diagnosed myself, no doctors have ever been able to tell me that anything was wrong with my tonsils!! I read up on tonsil stones on a bunch of message boards and called an ENT (one that I had heard was very pro-surgery...I have heard that some won't agree to take them out) and went in there and told him I needed to have my tonsils out and he agreed. After the operation he told me that when he had first looked at me, he didn't think my tonsils were that bad (meaning I guess he wouldn't have recommended me for surgery if I hadn't asked him) but once he took them out he said they were absolutely FULL of some disgusting cheese-like ***** substance and when he squeezed them they were absolutely oozing the stuff. ICK!! That had been in my body for wayy too long and I'm so glad that I finally took it upon myself to look into my bodily symptoms since no doctors had ever been able to diagnose anything. I'm sure this was going on for at least a few years. Anyway my surgeon says he thinks I will be feeling much better now, and supposedly since your immune system is no longer being compromised by infected tonsils, you see an increase in endurance and energy!! Yes the surgery was painful but I wouldn't have had things any other way, I'm so glad to get those terrible infected bodies out of me!! I would so recommend it for anyone who has re-occurring tonsil stones!

Jenster 03-14-2008 10:53 AM

Re: tonsil stones?? -- ANTIBIOTICS?
I appreciate the advice on this board on tonsil stones (this thread and others) and I plan to get a Water Pic. But I have another question: Does it help to take antibiotics?

My tonsil looks/feels pretty infected now. I was planning on toughing it out, but I wonder if taking antibiotics would clear up both the tonsilith AND the sore throat.

lena47 03-15-2008 07:55 PM

Re: tonsil stones??
I'm a international student who just came in the USA. Recently i realized that I do have those tonsil stones which are making me so nervous, quite, inactive because of its nasty smell and foul odor. I really want my tonsils be removed immediately but i don't have any insurance and don't know where to address. Once i visited LA free clinic but the doctor told me few words telling that i don't need to have the surgery.

Does anyone know how much i should pay for surgery if i had no insurance? Pls help??

anthea 03-17-2008 04:25 AM

Re: tonsil stones??
yeah i've been having those blighters for ages-hmm since i was 8 or something n im 16 now and it seems to have gotten worse-and recently i have had headaches and a sore throat and my tonsils look majorly inflammed and im so unsure of what to do-and also recently all the ones that have started coming out have been covered in blood which really isn't good and im not sure what is causing the blood-i do use tweezers to get them out but i haven't broken the skin with them...please someone help me or offer advice im also just about to see if i can book an appointment with a ENT and, hmm hopefully they will know what it is and not just put it off as food or something because if necessary i want an operation younger as i am now with less pain as to when i get older...

thanks :)

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