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Tonsillectomy - 3 days in

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Chimpette HB User
Thumbs up Tonsillectomy - 3 days in

Hi Guys,
This is my first post!
I had my tonsils out on 24.4.07 and its now 27.4.07. Im 24 years old.
As a girl very prone to anxiety, I thought I would write in in case anyone else is looking for support in case they are going to be having a tonsillectomy anytime soon. I wanted to read others stories before I went in, so this might help you too...?
I waited till the nurses came to collect me and was wheeled in my bed down to the pre-theatre room. I wasnt given any suppositories/pre-med injections like others seem to have been given. I laid down and they inserted the needle into the top of my hand. Within a few seconds the side of my face tingled, and in my right eye everything went silver (very weird!?). Before I could say a word I was asleep.
I woke up quite distressed for some reason, I had thought I would be calm. Maybe subconsciously my nerves were coming out. I had the gas mask on and the nurses were just telling me to relax giving me a few sips of water. I was actually shaking quite badly but not cold or hot. That wore off after about 5 minutes. I think I was in a bit of shock possibly, I cant stand not being in control!
My throat was very rusty, and I was scared of being sick (i didnt actually feel sick to be honest) but I said I wanted a bowl just in case I was sick. The nurse took this as an opportunity to give me an injection to stop sickness and pain. I believe I remember her saying she was going to give me Morphine. She injected my leg and that stung quite a bit. My muscle still aches from that 3 days on!
They wheeled me back up to my room (luckily I went private) and my parents were relieved to see me.
My needle thing in my hand had been pulled out during recovery. I dont remember it, but I know I was thrashing about abit when I woke up so it must have been then. 3 days in and I still have a big bruise on my hand from it!

Day 1 - The day I had it done was Tuesday. I was sleeping heavily that day. But my throat was very rusty and dry. Ill be honest with you, the discomfort was not like tonsillitus where the actual throat is sore - the discomfort is based around the back of your throat feeling swollen and fat and like theres something stuck there that normally youd spit right out in a second. So dont worry about the PAIN aspect..its more in the discomfort of feeling like you got furballs stuck in your throat. That day I was sleepy and groggy and abit shakey from nerves. Thank Gd I had no blood to spit out. I never felt any blood in my mouth that day. Thats what I was most scared about. I didnt sleep too good that night. This was because I was in hospital, nervous I might bleed, and partly wanting to wake up to sip water as my throat was so dry. I just had to keep trying to stay relaxed. I kept my ipod on all night.

Day two (Wednesday), I came home. Happy to be home in my own bed was great. My spirits were lifted. Still no blood all day. Iriitating feeling again was having the feeling somethings stuck in your throat itching at you. I woke up with stringy crap hanging off the tonsils. After that I kinda was put off looking at it. That nights sleep wasnt so great. Again I was scared of bleeding during the night and wanted to keep wetting my throat.

Day 3 (Thursday). This was a bad day. Still no blood. Still not too bad throat pain. (So what was I moaning about - I hear you say). I think the painkillers just got to me, my high from coming home was gone. I started getting nervous I might bleed again. I got a fw anxiety cramps and the tablets were rumbling in my tummy (I tried to eat as much as possible because its not great to have all those painkillers on an empty stomache). That day I just felt miserable. The stupid lump in my throat was annoying me - again it felt like a pile of cat hair was stuck in my throat. That nights sleep was surprisingly not too bad. I woke up at like 1am coughing as my throat had dried up. id had stitches in my throat as well (eugh), and I was petrified if I coughed the stitches might come lose and start spurting blood (anxiety again). So I opened the windows and breathed in fresh air and drank water and that calmed me. I fell back to sleep for the rest of the night.

And that takes me to day 4 (Friday). Today.
Feeling quite good today. Feeling of athair still in my throat,makes me want to gag a little at times. Still cant talk properly, My voice isnt right yet. My throat still does not hurt. Its the feeling of the stitches or the wound or whatever in the back thats so uncomfortable. Im still scared to cough. I still have a massive bump on my tongue which I havent got a clue in hell why its there. I had it when I woke up, the damn surgeons must have battered my tongue around like a piece of meat in a butcher shop. Thats actually the most painful thing funnily enough. Im hoping it will just go down. I saw on my painkillers instructions that it can cause swelling of the tongue so I started panicing about that as usual. But my boyfriend told me to stop reading too much into it and that they must have bashed it during surgery and the swelling will go down as its just in one little section on the side.

Eating food hasnt been too bad. My portion size has gone down alot obviously. But I wouldnt say eating is too bad.

If im totally honest..speaking as a PROFESSIONAL hyperchondriac - this recovery has not been bad at all. I dont want to speak too soon as I heard day 5-9 is the worst...but please god the rest of it is like this and I'll be ok.

From peoples posts it seems like I need to get day 9 out the way and then I know I'll be cool. Im worried the scabs will start me bleeding or choking...but yes yes if i havent bled so far, chances should be slim Ill start anytime soon..(right!?)

Let me know if this has been of any help guys! If you wana ask me anything go ahead and if you got any advice for me that would be great

xxx ___ tonsils ---->

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Old 05-02-2007, 04:56 AM   #2
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Cozzie HB User
Re: Tonsillectomy - 3 days in

hey girl...

i had mine out on the 26th few days after u

i am surprised that the lady in the bed opposite ate MAC DONALDS after he opp and i had 2 slices of toast

i have been eating totally fine and i felt like....hold up there must be pain to come....

day 6 and im still fine but food starting to sting to eat, so i thought maybe i have eaten to rough foods?? i have scabs on my throat now which i think are normal???

so sticking to soft foods today

but still dint hurt to swallow or drink?

have i been lucky

Old 05-02-2007, 08:44 AM   #3
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Ang6425 HB User
Re: Tonsillectomy - 3 days in

Ok, so I have to tell you that I am very jealous of both of you.

I had mine out on the 26th, too. I am on day 7 now and I have no idea how you are eating!

I can't seem to get anything past the "lump" in my throat. It's like everything gets caught. I have tried oatmeal, cream of wheat, applesauce, ice cream, popsicles. I can't do any of it without feeling like I am going to choke. I love Frosty's, but they put this terrible coating on my throat.

Also, I can't sleep at all. I am still taking Codine/acetominophen (sp?)elixer every 4 hours, so you would think the codine would help me sleep. Nope. I am awake every 1-2 hours, tossing and turning. The actual pain of it all hasn't been too unbearable, esp. with the meds, but the coughing is killing me.

please continue to keep us posted on how you are doing...

Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

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