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smblkc 05-16-2007 05:52 PM

Possible abscess in neck?!?
Since last Tuesday (5/8), I have been extremely sick with what was originally described as a virus. Neck ache, general pains, headache that can drop a horse, hot sweats, chills, a fever up to 103.8 etc.

Two doctor visits and two ER workups later, my PCP states that the fever should have subsided. He palpated my neck, and believes to have found a mass which he thinks might be the source of the underlying infection. I am to get a neck CT soon.

Now, here is the kicker.... I have been on some pretty strong antibiotics for the past couple of weeks for another infection (clindamycin, Augmentin, and thus far about 13 days worth of Bactrim). All my blood work came back pretty much okay (some liver abnormalities, but had a liver CT done with nothing found), and blood cultures came back negative.

Any opinions on this? Has anyone experienced anything similar?!? With all of the antibiotics I've been on, and not missed a dose of, I can't imagine an abscess forming.


myasmom05 05-18-2007 09:49 AM

Re: Possible abscess in neck?!?
where is the mass located? i recently noticed a small bump in the back of my neck kind of at the hairline...i doesn't hurt or anything and everyone is telling me its nothing to worry about but that seems to be all i can do....i've got a bit of a sinus and ear thing going on right now soo i just don't know what to's really small and not growing or painful...i've got more stress in my life right now than i know what to do with...

smblkc 05-19-2007 06:54 AM

Re: Possible abscess in neck?!?
Mine was reportedly detected below my jawline....

Here's what I've found out. The fever was not caused by an abscess, but by the antibiotics used to treat my other infection! Now, there's a kick in the butt!

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