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AllieBee 06-30-2007 09:55 AM

Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?
Hi, I'm new! My name is Allie, I'm 34 and on Day 6 of recovering from a tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on the 25th. Wow, has this been an experience (blech).

I spent the first night in the hospital to be monitored for sleep apnea and then discharged to my mom's house for recovery. My 2 year old is home with my husband and his parents and the pain of not seeng her is worse than any physical pain I'm dealing with. But it has been nice to be able to sleep around the clock and just concentrate on healing.

The first few days weren't bad, I mostly slept and took meds. Then on day 3 the pain started, bad. It wasn't just the throat and ears, even though the pain was intense there, but also the wooziness of the medicine. I could barely stay awake for an hour at a time. Just the nausea in itself was almost unbearable.

Anyway, I'm on Day 6 now and things are definitely looking up. I'm able to stay awake for longer than an hour, able to eat and drink regularly. I will say that dairy foods are the enemy for me! Any yogurt or ice cream I tried coated my mouth with the most icky taste and gave me a terrible upset stomach. Pretty much the only things I've been able to eat and tolerate are chicken noodle soup (now with noodles, yay!) and Gatorade.

Anyway, I'd love to hear how things progressed for any of you beyond Day 6, and what I might expect in the next few days. Hope all of you recovering out there are doing OK and hanging in there. :)

ava5 06-30-2007 10:04 PM

Re: Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?
Hi I'm also new! I had my tonsils taken out on the 26th so I am on day 5. I'm glad to hear that everything is going well... but i have to say that this is the most miserable surgery i have ever had!
Days 1 and 2 were fine. i mean i had some pain, but it was nothing i couldn't handle! in fact those two days i drank and ate the most!
Day 3 that's when i started to feel pain... even through the maximum amount of hydrocodone every 4 hours. swallowing was torturous!
Day 4 was when the most excruciating ear, tooth, and jaw pain started up. i felt like i had two ear infections and like every molar had a full blown infection. i spent all night up last night trying to get relief!
Today, day 5 has been somewhat better than days 3 and 4, but still miserable. i'm absolutely starving! it hurts so much to swallow... i still can't speak, and yawning is excruciating! oh yeah and my ears have been aching every time i swallow! this is horrible!
i hope yours is nothing like mine!
good luck!
any advice would be appreciated!

JMSylvestre 06-30-2007 11:02 PM

Re: Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?
Hi, I had my tonsels removed on the 26th. The first day I was doing amazing. Had no problems with anything. 2nd day I was doing pretty much okay, but started having troubles swallowing my liquids. Thursday, the 3rd day, I was still able to swallow. By Friday, I was having my worst time trying to swallow anything. By today, I am having the worst day of it yet. I woke up, couldn't talk at all (All the other days I could somewhat talk). Ive had this mucus like stuff build up on my tongue, back of my throat, and on the top of my mouth. Ive also had a cough that has been getting pretty bad. Today, I can't even swallow water very easily. Taking my meds, hurt very badly. I tried some apple cider, but I couldn't hold it. Now, no matter what I try to swallow, I have a hard time trying to keep it down.
I was just wondering, has anyone else been experiencing this?
It would be a great help if anyone could help at all. :)

sweetiee98 07-01-2007 12:32 AM

Re: Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?
Hey everyone! Im new as well...........Im due to have my tonsills out on Tuedsay, July I hope I can learn from all of your experiences! What is uvulectomy? Im just curious....
Im very scared to have this surgery....but I know in the long run it will be worth it!
I pray you all have a quick recovery!:)

AllieBee 07-01-2007 08:23 AM

Re: Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?
Good morning, everyone. Well, Day 7 isn't starting off so great. I'm now having more intense pain right on the tonsil site, and the ears are still just killing me. I'm praying this might be the scabs starting to slough off, but I'm not actually seeing much progress. This morning, taking my meds felt like swallowing acid, I literally shook with pain. But once the meds kicked in I'm back to feeling like I did before, woozy from the meds and just fainly nauseous all around.

I haven't had any issues with vomiting, thank goodness, and I'm really sorry for you, JMS, I'm sure it's just excruciating. Ava, it sounds like we're on a similar course, we just need to ride this out. At least we know it can't last forever, right?

Ugh, this stinks, I'm waiting any day now for life to get better.

Hope you all are hanging in there. Let me know how your day is going. :)

JMSylvestre 07-01-2007 06:04 PM

Re: Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?
Well, I went into the emergency room. I was dehyrated and I was just having the worst time trying to breath. My heart rate was lower then it should of been, but they say that's normal when you are dehyrated and/or in pain. But at the emergency room, they gave me plenty of quick working meds to help with the pain. The doctor was able to scrub off all the mucus, so it wouldn't be hard to do anything.
But trying to take a certain pill, getting up from the laying position, I threw up yet again.
They ended up admiting me into the hospital just to watch over me. Yet in the hospital, I got nothing more then tyenol for pain. They kept making me try to eat food, but I just had no appetite. Plus, the grits hurt my throat. So much for that being on the liquid diet, ha. Well, 12 hours later, I have more meds, stronger ones than before.
Now, Im able to drink my water and such, with just a sting going down. Now, Im not on the vicoden, but a stronger one, but smaller.
So Im doing just fine...Still not having an appetite or much wanting of something to drink. But Im just hoping it doesnt get worse.
I now have to worry about me having to go back to work, or getting an extention of just a few more days off...
Well, best of luck to everyone else with this =]

AllieBee 07-02-2007 09:31 AM

Re: Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?
Oh, no, JMS! I'm so sorry! You poor, poor thing. So glad they could get some fluids into you and get you feeling better. How are you feeling now?

Things here are slowly progressing, it's Day 8. I'm slowly trying to wean off of the Oxycodone so now I'm taking one tbsp of that and one tbsp of regular Tylenol liquid every 4 hours. It's making me a lot less loopy during those 4 hours. The pain is still terrible at medicine time, ears killing and tonsil area just raw. But it's all moving in the right direction.

How's everyone else today?

panugato 07-02-2007 01:41 PM

Re: Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?
Hi I had a tonsillectomy/uvalectomy/septoplasty-turbinectomy age 32 on the 6/15 and did very well immediate post op. Pain meds were working great and then the nausea arrived, and one scary episode of vommiting on day 2. Day 4-5 were the worst - pain was unbearable/nausea was horrible which I relayed to my surgeon on day 6 and thankfully was given phentergan sup. and a refill for pain meds. I ended up going to a social event that evening beautifully - not looking at all like a swollen raccoon. Ok! I thought everything was going great I was eating solids by day 6 - but this last weekend which would be days 14-16 I was an emotional basket case! I could not get myself together I felt weak and cried so hard all weekend. I do not know if this is what happens when you are a patient! I am an RN and I can tell you I will certainly pay special attention to my post ops. Has any one else felt the emotional upheaval after such a tremendous surgery? I am interested to find out if so. Thank you in advance Panugato -

JMSylvestre 07-03-2007 03:17 PM

Re: Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?
Hello everyone,
Today and yesterday have been going just fine; as fine as it could get, ha. Im still a bit dehyrated from not drinking, but I've been trying! And Im still dont getting much food in. I get about half a bite, and I feel full.
I wish my meds made me a bit loopy! I dont think they do much, even though they are. Im on hydromorphone now, instead of the vicoden stuff. I am doing a lot better though. Its been one week now, so Im hoping it doesnt get any worse. I get a few more days off of work, always nice. =]
Thanks everyone for reading,
feel better!

AllieBee 07-04-2007 05:10 PM

Re: Had tonsillectomy/uvulectomy on June 25th, anyone else recovering?
Hi, everyone. Well, this is probably going to be my last post since I am just about at the end of my road to recovery. Today is day 10 and I finally feel just like a human with some pain as opposed to a complete invalid. I finally caved and took some Advil since I've had no bleeding whatsoever, the Advil was wonderful! I'm completely off the narcotics which is making so much difference. The back of my throat is looking a million times better, and the majority of the pain is from the area where my uvula used to be.

So, my horrific journey is just about over, I hope that everyone else is feeling better and close to that magical Day 10!

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