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yesithurts 08-13-2007 10:23 AM

Sore Thoat 5 Months Suffering....


I would really appreciate any help or suggestions. I've been continually suffering from a sore throat on the right side of my throat for the last 5 months. It started during allergy season - I had severe allergies for about a month during March 2007, with complete congestion, runny nose, and sore throat. After about a month, everything went away except the throat pain. Since then I've been to 4 doctors, 2 GP's, 2 ENT's.

The first GP gave me Claritan (for the allergies), SPRECTRCEF (anti-biotic if there was an infection), and a post nasel drip spray.

After two weeks I went to another GP in NYC, who did a CBC, full check-up exam, and sent me to and ENT. The ENT diagnosed me with LPRD after scoping me, and gave me Prilosec. It didn't work. I have some good and some bad days, and it wasn't getting worse, just stayed constant. Most days I'd wake up with a overall sore throat, similar to having a cold - with the entire back of throat and roof of mouth sore. This "overall" feeling would go away in an hour and it would turn to a specific "rawness" on the right side of my throat farther down. After 3 weeks, I went back the ENT who then prescribed NEXIUM. This seemed to help a bit, but then after a few weeks I realized the pain was still there, although there was less soreness in the morning.

I then went to another ENT, who ordered an ESOPHOGRAM to check for acid reflux and a Sinus CT to check for Sinus infections. The ESOPHOGRAM came back completely normal, no reflux. The Sinus scan showed some minor Sinus disease, so I was put on steroids for five days and Leviquin for 20 days. I had a ton of mucus, some coughing, and a "general" sick feeling behind my nose (scratcy, dripping). Sore throat improved, but it did not go away.

I went back to the same ENT and told him that it seemed to improve and there was some reaction to the anti-biotics, but I still have a sore throat and it did still get "raw" at times.

After another scope (4th one), he just saw redness, and a lot of drip, but sent me for a soft tissue of the neck scan and took blood for allergies. The neck scan came back completely normal, but he allergy test said I was highly allergic to 15 of the 20 things tested for (airborne allergies).

I'm really confusted at this point. I still have the sore throat with absolutly no other symptoms. It's focused on the right side still, and continues to be on/off throught the day, with periods where it really bothers me, and then periods when it's very light. It's very random, sometimes better after eating and sometimes worse. I don't have anywhere near as much mucus and am not swallowing mucus as much as in the beginning.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm really suffering with this, and it's now impacting my daily life.

Thanks so much for your comments.

ggflorida 08-27-2008 11:20 PM

Re: Sore Thoat 5 Months Suffering....
Well ,you have obviously been through enough exams to know that it is nothing serious,just absolutely annoying and uncomfortable.I have been suffering with lpr for one and half yrs now.Constant sore throat for one and half months now ,on right side as well.More when swallowing.Ent scoped me and says its from either the lpr or post nasal drip.Sooooo frustrating.It has affected my life as well.Getting cranky and depressed.How long have you been on meds?My first flare up ,it took me four months on aciphex 2x daily and prilosec at night for any signs of relief.Felt better and stopped meds.It came back very strong.Dr. says it will take four weeks to a few months to feel better again.Ypu are not alone.It stinks.Be patient with meds.

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