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navymid 09-13-2007 11:01 AM

Sore throat/swollen tonsils for 4 weeks
I have been sick for 4 weeks now and this is what is going on: I have a sore throat and the right tonsil is extremely swollen. It is touching the dangly thing in the back of my throat and looks like a big marble. The left side is swollen, but not quite as large. There is no puss or anything on the tonsils, they are just very red.
I am also very tired and have a fever every now and then. I don't have a cough or nausia. I've been tested for mono and strep four times and all came back negative. The doctors are not sure what this can be and I've taken a round of penicillin, a round of prednisone, and a round of clindamycin with no improvement. Any idea what is wrong?

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