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Rani 11-10-2007 12:30 PM

Bump inside mouth white and salty. WORM????
I just had what I thought was a blood blister on the inside wall of my mouth. I scraped it off with my fingernail. Instead of blood as I was expecting it was white and salty. Could it have been a parasitic worm? I just moved to the country and I have a well. I got it tested and the water was okay but they don't test for everything. I usually drink bottled water but I brush my teeth and shower with the well water. It looks very clear and my boyfriend likes the taste of it better. He has not had a problem like this. :confused:I am kinda freaking out. Has anyone ever had what I described? I thought it was a blood blister because it was located near my teeth and I thought I might have accidentally bitten it. But it was just such a weird consistency, color and taste. I've never had anything white and salty come off the side of my mouth. Sorry if this is posted in a strange place, there are no categories for parasites are there?

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