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  • One-sided nasal congestion

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    Old 04-21-2008, 04:39 PM   #1
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    One-sided nasal congestion

    My right sinus is almost always closed when I'm up. The only time my right sinus is open, is when I'm laying down on my left side, basically letting fluids up there drain into my left sinus. I've been using NetiPot for a few months now, but it still doesn't help. The fluids up there must be really far back.

    It occurs year-round, and this is the 2nd year I've had this. When I get colds, my left nostril gets nosebleeds often because it dries out fast. Also, it happens whether I'm outdoors or indoors.

    For about 6 months I used Afrin every day to open up my right sinus. It works, but became less effective. Afrin is a 12-hour spray, but eventually I had to use it every 4 hours or so. I've since stopped using it because of advice from family.

    I haven't been to a doctor yet. I've come to realize that doctors don't give a crap about people. No matter what you say is wrong with you, they say it's either a) allergies, or b) asthma. I swear someone could go to the hospital with a gunshot would to his face, and the doctor will just say "looks like allergies, just take some claritin and it should be fine." It's almost like doctors have a contest going on to see who can spend the least amount of time with a patient. I might end up going to a specialist sometime when I get medical insurance, but unfortunately I don't defecate money, so I can't afford it.

    I was just wondering if anyone had problems similar to this, and what happened with it.

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    Old 04-22-2008, 04:19 AM   #2
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    Re: One-sided nasal congestion

    There are a couple of things that could cause the kind of one-sided congestion you describe. The most common are a deviated septum (the cartilage on one side of your nasal passage is slightly out of alignment so that air can't flow through it freely) or nasal polyps (small fluid-filled sacs that can form in your sinuses due to allergies or other inflammation).

    Either one of those can cause the symptoms you describe and should be easily diagnosed by an Ear, Nose & Throat doc - either using a CT Scan or an endoscopic exam. Stopping Afrin was a good call on your part - it can cause rebound inflammation after just a few days and can actually make the swelling worse.

    The deviated septum might require surgery to correct it, but if it's only slightly deviated there are steroid nasal sprays that can help minimize the inflammation and get that nasal passage more open without surgery. Polyps can often be managed medically with oral steroids, steroid sprays and treating the underlying cause of the polyps (usually allergies or exposure to irritants).

    Unfortunately, seeing an ENT specialist is probably your best bet for figuring out what's causing this.

    As for your comment that "doctors don't give a crap about people", I'll just say that I disagree with you - I have an incredible ENT specialist who has spent more time helping resolve my sinus issues than I can even add up - no doubt there are some personality-challenged doctors out there but most of the docs that I've seen over the years really care about their patients and want to help.

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    Re: One-sided nasal congestion

    I have lived about 4 years with my nose being blocked on one side of my nose always the right. When i was 10 i got ran over by a sled, sounds kinda funny doesnt it? But the pain i went through that undescribable! it almost looked like someone punched my eyes because of the black eyes i had from it. my nose was soo swollen and my nose wouldnt stop bleeding. Since i was at my grandmas when it happened i decided not to go to there hospital they had long waiting times rather than my hospitals. SO i just left it because of my fear of hospitals/doctors at the time.

    So for the last 4 years i suffered oneside always always blocked hardly ever was unblocked happened the odd time if i was lucky!
    So last year i finally just got TIRED of it. So i saw a ent. I new that day i was either being told you have to have your nose fixed or tonsils out.
    But if i had it my way still i wouldnt have done anything.

    I found out i had a deviated septum and the only way to fix it was surgery. SO off i went on my newest adventure concuring something im terrified of.. SURGERY!!!!

    And i must say i was a basket case once i found out my surgery date. BUt hte day of surgery i was calmer than ever. And woke up NO PAIN ( without any pain killers) and happier than ever even though my cheeks and face where swollen and having stents in my nose! BUT I COULD BREATHE ALREADY BETTER!!!!
    WHen i went home the only time i ever saw blood was from the car ride. And imust say for the firrst while you want to keep up with pain killers because you get the worst headache but if your on painkillers your fine. ANd aslong as you clean your nose more thant hey suggest youll do amazzing!!

    ANd once those stents come out, youll wonder and ask yourself why didnt i do it before now! Im soooo glad i went through with it! i dont know how bad it was but im pretty sure bad or not you have to have it surgically fixed. And even if your scared of doing it dont be!! Its not a bad surgery at all. and the end product its absolutly amazing!

    i have been waiting and waiting to be able to give someone advice on this, because how i feared it all, and after going through it am soo glad i did, i want to help someone else get what it feels like to have UNBLOCKED nasal passages again!

    I was the person who hated to use nasal sparys they never did a thing for two seconds maybe and then boom! BACK again. Like a person you dont like tha tjust keeps comng back like they are your best friend! But if you do have a deviated septum and can get surgery for it i wuold say just do it!
    And see an ent when you can, you wont regret the decision because i sure dont and its made me get over my fear of surgery. Which im glad for because of having two up coming ones!

    GOODLUCK and i hope all works out for you!!

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    Re: One-sided nasal congestion

    Yes, you need to get to an ENT...Could be anything from a deviated septum, to a polyp blocking a sinus, to some issue with your turbinate. A ENT is specifically trained in nasal issues and will diagnosis you very quickly and efficiently.

    As for your comment about Docs, I disagree. I will agree that there are some Docs out there that aren't that great, but the vast majority are. What it comes down to for you is this....Can you live with this condition and not be bothered? If so, don't go. However, if it is bothersome, then you need to go to an ENT because chances are it's not going to improve, and in fact, may only get worse. And, no home remedy or magic potion will fix it.

    Good luck.


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