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signing off - post op

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Old 05-26-2009, 02:43 PM   #1
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Megsays HB User
signing off - post op

Well, I'm finishing up my recovery from my tonsillectomy.

It's been hell.

I'm getting better though!! I still have some pain when I swallow but it's bearable.

I wish everyone a good recovery.

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to help.

Thanks for everyone elses' help!

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Old 05-27-2009, 10:39 PM   #2
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Numb_one HB User
Re: signing off - post op

Hi Megsays,

I have been scheduled to have my tonsils taken out but i am on an 18 month waiting list, therefore, it could happen anytime. So my question was..... my husband & i are trying for baby no2 & i'm a bit worried that they may call me in for the operation when i'm pregnant! Do you know if the operation is able to be done when pregnant or do you think they'll postpone the operation if i am?

I mean, if i knew the date was coming up in the next month or so i would just wait to concieve, however i don't want to put my family on hold for up to 18 months & even then still be unsure.

Also, i read somewhere in a research study, that having tonsils & anoids removed causes weight gain in children aged 5 to 12 years & i was just wondering if that is one of the side affects that you were told of at all. I just wonder if it's the same for adults aswell. I'm 25 years old.

Aswell, i'm pretty scared of having the pain. Is it always as bad as you have experienced or are there some more comforting stories out there?

Thanks for any info you can offer!


Old 05-28-2009, 12:56 AM   #3
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Join Date: May 2009
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Megsays HB User
Re: signing off - post op


About the pregnancy..

Doctors will NOT put you under anesthesia while pregnant for an unnecessary surgery. If you can live without the surgery and are pregnant..they will not do it. Being it's just your tonsils..chances are..they will not do the surgery while you are pregnant because it's not a HUGE deal to have done right away! Now..if it was like cancer..or your spleen ruptured..that's different..but putting the mother under while she is pregnant..has effects on the baby...which is the main reason women are awake during a c-section .. it's only certain circumstances where they actually put the woman under for c-section =) Hope this helps.

The weight gain thing..
Weight gain associated with tonsil and adnoid removal is not a 100% proven fact. They're trying to link it..but most doctors think it is because when the tonsils are removed it gives way for a better eating habit and it increases the appetite because they child can eat without having pain or trouble getting the food down.
As for adults, I don't think it is as much a problem because we are old enough to KNOW that we are eating too much .. being a child..I don't think that's the first thing on their mind. I have actually lost weight believe it or not. 9 lbs actually. I figured..oh it's because I couldn't eat much after the surgery..but I lost a total of 25 lbs after the surgery and have put it all back on except 9 lbs. =) I wouldn't worry about this problem. The possibility of NEVER having a throat infection ever again after a tonsillectomy..outweighs the benefits if you ask me =)

A better side to a story..

I'll admit..when I found out I was having a tonsillectomy I ran immediately to google to see what all the fuss was about and see what I was getting myself into..
I was TERRIFIED after reading some of these stories so I KNOW What you are thinking..haha. It's amazing really.
As you know..everyone has a different recovery. Children bounce back quickly after this procedure but it gets worse as you get older. Age really matters. Also, pain threshold matters too. I am a beast with pain. I would rather go without pain meds if I can because I hate the feeling of being high. However..I did use pain med with this surgery.
Age 15-now (19) I have had ovarian surgery (Cut open like a c-section), gallbladder removal, jaw surgery 3 times, and heart surgery. I figured I'd be set to go for the tonsillectomy when it came to pain..I was wrong though.
It's a different type of a pain from the other surgeries. You never know how much you actually depend on your throat until you get this surgery done..sounds stupid, but you will see what I mean.
When I woke up from the surgery I was sore..they made me drink a gatorade because water has a bad effect on the anesthesia when you first wake up. I went home about 45 minutes after waking up in recovery. I knew it was going to get worse so I made sure I took my pain meds. I was also on antibiotics and a steroid to keep swelling to a minimum.
Day 2 wasn't too bad.
Day 3-5 I could tell it was getting worse.
The doctor told me that day 3 is the worst for most people but my worst day(s) were 5-7.
It hurts when you swallow, but you should know that. During days 5-7 it radiated to my ear.
Days 8-11 it burned. I thought of it as having a blister. You know, when you have a blister and it pops open and water gets in there on raw skin..that's what it felt like to me. It was much more bearable than days 6-7. =)
Days 12-now (15) it's a dull kinda dry throat hurt when I swallow but other than doesn't hurt.

I started eating REAL solid foods like steak and such..on day 10.
I lived off of grits, pudding, apple sauce, apple juice, and water for 10 days.

I slept more than anything and I kept myself caught up on demerol..
you will probably get lortab or percocet or something along those lines. They don't usually give out demerol, but lucky me I am allergic to everything else..come to find out..they're going to stop making demerol because no one uses it anymore..WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE MEEEE? haha ...

Anyway, hurts..I won't lie..but it's nothing you can't handle as long as you keep up on pain medicine.
Oh, and I tool tylenol starting day helped A LOTTTTTT!

Also, it's easier to sleep sitting up. I slept in a recliner for 10 days. I couldn't sleep laying straight on my big reason is because of your uvula...the hangy ball..there's nothing there to hold it in place really it falls back into your throat and makes you snore (it's annoying)..but u get used to it!..
GET A HUMIDIFIER!!!..A COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER...and keep that son of a BEEP running 24:7. ESPECIALLY when you are sleeping.
You need to wake up every hour for the first 3 days to take a sip of water to keep your throat moist..days 4-end wake up as often as you can..I'd probably say 2-3 hours at the most..around day 11 you can stop that totally..

You can do it. It's not bad..and just won't have to deal with catching strep or mono or anything like that..sure youre throat may get irritated but you won't ever have a tonsil infection..and man..that's the thing you have to keep reminding yourself about...only 2 weeks of annoyingness and then POOF!! more worries =)

I hope I have helped!! =)

Old 05-28-2009, 03:42 AM   #4
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Location: Western Australia
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Numb_one HB User
Re: signing off - post op

WOW......... thankyou! That sure is one helpful post! Moreso than any google page i found. And much more honest & conclusive I'll definately wait til after i have the baby then, as i haven't yet been told a date for my tonsillectomy, but i'm hoping to fall pregnat straight away, so i'll just hold off on it til after the baby is born. Might be a good idea anyway, as atleast i'll be off work then on maternity leave & won't have to book extra time off. I'm self-employed so it makes it a bit harder financially to take too much time off work.

I had to laugh when you said that the uvula falls back into your throat as there is nothing to hold it in place! Although it does sound scary at the same time

It sounds like a lot of work, waking up every hour to sip water I didn't even have to wake that often with my little girl. But like you said the pro's outway the cons in the longterm. Only thing is...... i don't think mine is as bad as a lot of people's problems. I was actually surprised my ENT specialist suggested a tonsillectomy as easily as he did! All i have is a sensation of something stuck in my throat when i swallow & i feel as though i need to just keep swallowing to get it down. It's not even sore. It's been there for about 4 or 5 months i think. You see i'm not even convinced it's my tonsils at all (feels to low to me). That's not to say my tonsils don't play up mildly every once in a while though, just not bad enough to warrant this i didn't think.

But if you have a minute, read my thread called "Opinions Please" & let me know what you think. I've put in there the reasons why i have been put on the waiting list & as to why my ENT specialist came to this conclusion. Might be a good idea to get a second opinion aswell, & i'm going to another appt with a diff specialist anyway on the 12th of June, so he might give me a better idea of what is going on & where to go from here.

Many thanks


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