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Stigma 06-11-2009 10:21 PM

Could someone PLEASE help?!? Swollen lymph node, headaches, eye tension, ear & nose
About a year ago, I noticed what looked like a swollen lymph node right below my left ear (where the ear connects to the jaw). The right side had a little bit of this type of swelling, too, but not nearly as much.

Doctors suspected TMJ, an internal infection, and possible more serious issues, sending me for X-rays of the jaw (negative), a CT scan of my head (negative), an ultrasound of the throat/jaw area, and then also a CT scan of my neck (since apparently any dangerous lumps in the area where mine appeared could not be detected by a CT scan of the head but only by a CT scan of the neck.

Over the past year, the swollen lymph node would just come and go. It didn't appear to be particularly related to anything - not even ordinary colds.

During the past couple of weeks, I started having headaches. They feel like muscle tension headaches *except* that I feel the pain and tension more in the left side of my head, the top of my head, and pressure right behind my eyes (not necessarily like sinus pain feels like, I suspect?) I do wear contacts and have problems with dry eyes. I also spend *a lot* of time at the computer, both at home and work and realize that this may cause some strain... Over these past few days my eyes felt like they needed to be close 'cause there was too much pressure on them too.

Basically, I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that last the ultrasound and head CT scan of a year ago and the neck CT scan of about six months ago are enough to convince me that there is nothing *serious* going on here, such as, god forbid, a tumor or something similar.

My left ear often feels like it has water in it, but the ENT specialist could not find anything wrong, except a little bit of a deviation inside of my left nostril. I do have nasal issues - very dry and plugged nose most of the time, especially on the left. I recently experienced a very strange episode of non-severe chest pain, but only on the left side, that was shooting down my left shoulder/arm/hand and I was getting a tingly feeling all over my body and over my head. It lasted for over six hours and I went to ER. The ECG, chest x-ray and all the blood work came back perfectly normal. The doctor did mention that the left lymph node swelling was a little unusual and said he'd order another ultrasound...

I am so scared now because of the headaches I've been having. I've been taking Advil every day and the pain would go away for only an hour or two and then return and stay all day!

Is there anything that the tests I've had would not be able to detect? Should I be having an MRI? Could this be back/spine related? I have a lower back injury *and* an upper back muscle tension problem. I get a tingly feeling when I touch part of my skin on my upper back over the spine. I suspect the MRI would show something wrong with my back (my spine doesn't seem to be straight) but I'm not sure about anything else. Could this really just be muscle tension/stress related? It seems that the more I worry about it, the worse it gets. I'm simply not sure what to do anymore!

Please, please, please, if you have any ideas or input, I would very much appreciate it!!!

Thank you!


meli911 06-12-2009 11:43 AM

Re: Could someone PLEASE help?!? Swollen lymph node, headaches, eye tension, ear & no
Apparently, lymph treatment massages can help... Anyone?

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