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  • I have had "lump in throat" sensation for a YEAR! I now believe i have "tonsil...

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    Old 11-13-2009, 02:39 PM   #1
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    I have had "lump in throat" sensation for a YEAR! I now believe i have "tonsil...

    ...stones," but i also believe that the side that i feel my lump in, is the side of the infected tonsil. A few things, that side seems "lighter, or whitish," as if there was an infection in there. When i began reserching my symptoms, i came across tonsil stones. I have had those and never knew what they were! They are SOO gross smelling and just plain gross! Anyhow, i have had 2 mri's over the past year, nothing, seen a few ENT docs, all at the MASSACHUSETTS eye and ear infirmary. The closest ear nose and throat hospital to me. When i found this white spot on my tonsil after finding out about tonsil stones, i went to that place again, and to the ER there. The doctor called me a hypochondriach for looking at the internet and said every doc has said nothing is wrong with me, and he doesnt see any reason to disagree with them. He looked at my tonsils, briefly, but said nothing looks wrong. I said "you dont see that white spot?" and he said no. I went home and looked with a mirror, thinking maybe it had gone away, but its still there! Why wont they take me seriously? I started crying and was begging him to please help me and take me seriously. He seemed very much in a hurry to get me out of there. What is going on? I cannot live with this, every time i swallow it feels like something is stuck in my throat, which i know now is my tonsils. I have all the symptoms...
    I may be writing this in a bit of a hurry and skipping some details, but thats the gist of it. i'm on my way to school.... check later!

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    Re: I have had "lump in throat" sensation for a YEAR! I now believe i have "tonsil...

    I would suggest a med for your anxiety.I have taken Lorazapam (Ativan) which I found very helpful.I feel your pain,and this pill might help you until you get someone who will
    help.You need a counselor,who you may get from calling your United Way (First call for Help Dept),and they will get you help. Bill

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    Re: I have had "lump in throat" sensation for a YEAR! I now believe i have "tonsil...

    When I was around 17 I started noticing the white spots on my tonsils too. I guess it's caused by deep holes in your tonsils that collect food debri and other things. I can imagine how you must feel if no one is taking you seriously, that's basically how doctors are with me. I will say that the tonsil stones don't mean anything is wrong with you, apparently tons of people have it but it never becomes a problem. They can, however, be a nuisance for obvious reasons. I actually had my tonsils removed because I didn't want to deal with them, and from what I've read that's the only real "cure". At the same time, the amount I had was bad enough I would cough up the "stones" every once in awhile, and that isn't pleasant at all. Especially in public places.

    I had a doctor that didn't take me seriously, and it does kinda push my buttons that she wouldn't even offer advice on how to deal with a problem I have. She simply said there was no "cure", while now... after looking it up on the internet... I've found ways to at least cope with the problem I have. No thanks to the doctor who I paid to tell me there isn't anything I can do. I also had a skin doctor that acted "rushed" after I had gotten a benign mole taken off of my chest. He seemed annoyed when I asked him to look at other suspicious moles I had. Makes me think that maybe this "benign" skin cancer they found wasn't really a threat, and he just needed money. Which is why I haven't ever gone back to him.

    In my opinion, find a different doctor. If he's the only one around, well... I don't know how to deal with that. If the man wouldn't take you seriously, he isn't worth paying. Regardless of if you are a hypochondriac or not, you're still paying him.

    So, I guess the overall summary here is that tonsil stones aren't anything to worry about. Going to the doctor for them won't do you any good unless you plan on getting your actual tonsils out. I read somewhere that tonsils get smaller as you age, and so maybe you can grow out of it. Other than that, plenty of advice should be on the internet on how to help get rid of them. None of them worked for me, but hey it apparently works for some people.
    :-) Hope this helped.

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    Re: I have had "lump in throat" sensation for a YEAR! I now believe i have "tonsil...

    IMO find another doctor. I had regular doctors tell me they were nothing, that it was just food stuck back there. I gargled with salt water, picked those horrid things out. But then I started to notice a little bit of blood when some of the larger pieces would fall out.

    So I went to an ENT and asked directly what to do and he said tonsillectomy was the only way to get rid of them. So I opted for the surgery and according to the ENT, my tonsils were full of that stuff. He said that it went really deep, called it infection and said there was no way any amount of antibiotics was ever going to take care of the problem. My left side was smaller than the right side, which was filled with a golf ball sized mass of that nasty white crud.

    Just remember, you are the customer. You are PAYING for the clinic appointment, paying to have a doctor tell you that nothing is wrong with you. So again, IMO, find another doctor who will take you seriously.

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    Skeet Letzmer
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    Re: I have had "lump in throat" sensation for a YEAR! I now believe i have "tonsil...

    Since I can't punch that doctor in the nose for you, I will tell you how I have been taking care of my Tonsil stones. But, please, never go to that doctor again. What a creep.

    A few months ago I started "coughing up" the odd tonsil stone, and there was a bad taste in my mouth every once in a while when I'd swallow. I found a white lump in my tonsils, poked it with a broken Q-tip and retrieved it.

    Unfortunately, I soon discovered that the smell was still there. After more poking and prodding with an increasingly ridiculous variety of tools, I began to suspect that there were tonsil stones somewhere that I couldn't see. There were. A lot. Here's how I suggest you track them down.

    Buy a Waterpik and a small flashlight. Open your mouth wide and look into it with the flashlight. See your tonsils? See the folds in the tonsils? You're going to need to insert the Waterpik into those folds and turn it on with the lowest pressure.

    BUT! Before you do I would seriously recommend taking one of the Waterpik heads to a hardware store and buying a drill bit that can open up the hole at the tip just a bit. A drill bit only slightly bigger is necessary, as you can work it around in the hole to make it as big as desired. I've opened mine up enough that I can clean out my tonsils without causing bleeding.

    THERE'S MORE! This Waterpik tonsil exploration is going to take some getting used to. The first time I used it I made myself throw up. The second time wasn't much better. Don't try to get them all in one night. What I did was use the Waterpik until I had to refill it again, then called it a day. The next day I would explore my tonsils more and try to figure out where they all were hiding. On the FIFTH day I discovered a fold of skin on the right side of my throat, inserted the tip of the Waterpik, and let it rip. I was mortified by how many tonsil stones came flushing out. It will take a while to find them, but don't give up, it is worth it. I do it now every once in a while with minimal discomfort. Once you get the hang of it do it with Listerine to really blast the disgusting little bastards.

    And I know the idea of buying a new drill bit (and an electric drill, if you don't have one) not to mention a Waterpiik is daunting, but come on, this is WAR. You owe it to yourself.

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