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neveragain444 04-19-2010 07:06 AM

what meds can you take for post nasal drip?
I am living with someone who is driving me crazy! He coughs every half minute and clears his throat, and that is not an exagguration. It's like living with someone with TB or wooping cough. He uses cough syrup and over counter allergy medication I gave him, worked really well for me when I moved in here, problem is there is black mold in our home. His bedroom is sometimes quite bad with that musty smell. But he said this occured after a cold he had, and it never cleared up. He says that happens everytime he comes down sick. So I can't lay down in my bed and rest without listening to him in the other room sounding like he's coughing up a lung. UHHHHHHHH! The medication he takes, isn't helping. I realize he likely needs steroids, but he has no health insurance. Is there anything over the counter that might help this? He will not use nasal spray.

dhill2020 04-19-2010 07:14 AM

Re: what meds can you take for post nasal drip?
You both need to get away from that toxic black mold! Look it up on the internet, your problem is not treating symptoms its removing the cause. It's kind of like putting a bandaid on cancer. Good Luck to you

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