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Lollipop24 09-19-2010 12:48 PM

Noises in ear during sleep, what causes that?
I keep getting a strange buzzing (and other weird noises) in my right ear and sometimes it sounds like it's coming from my head while I'm drifting off to sleep I'm semi-conscious but still asleep when it happens and i know it's not tinnitus because it doesn't happen when I'm awake.

I don't think it's a sleep disorder either because my right ear has problems it gets clogged when air hits it and spasms at random due to water running or etc. but what is up with noises only being in my sleep? I'd think if it was due to my ear being damage it would happen at all times.

wwwgirl 09-23-2010 02:26 AM

Re: Noises in ear during sleep, what causes that?
You know, I have no idea but it honestly sounds more like a problem with the part of your brain that affects your hearing than anything else since it only happens when you are falling asleep. I'd talk to your doctor about it. However, could you be hearing something in your bedroom like the fan rattling or something?

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