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Sashai90 12-26-2010 05:11 AM

Regarding torn tonsils
Hello All,

I am 32 year old (male).

I had white deposits on my right tonsil for almost a month. Also when I used to cough in the morning pale white bad smelling substance used to fall (same like tonsil stones). I carried a 15-20 days course of antibiotics but the white deposit on the tonsils continued to grow. As a backup plan I had to resort to Ayurvedic (Ayurveda) treatment. This treatment made the white deposit loosen and fall off. I sent it for a Histology testing and it revealed "Necrotising Tonsillitis with Superadded Candida". Now the white deposit due to candida has disappeared. Now I am noticing a slit in right tonsil. This slit contains pale white bad smelling substance. I visited an ENT specialist for this and he suggested me tonsillectomy. According to him my tonsils have torn and hence food particles are getting stuck in it causing that pale white matter. Also the bacteria is attacking these food particles to give a foul smell.

I did read some of the posts already posted on this subject here and came to know that such holes are created by the puss (result of earlier infections) getting out of the tonsils. Also such holes are sealed on their own over time.

Now I am in a dilemma. Should I go for tonsillectomy or wait for the hole in the tonsil to seal on its own? At this point the only problem I am suffering from is the pale white foul smelling deposits in my tonsils. I have no pain whatsoever as of now.

I am fearing tonsillectomy as I heard it reduces immunity. Not sure if this is correct. And in general I am trying to avoid surgery if it is not a must.

Can someone suggest me the right path to go about?

Thanks much in advance.

DDD Sara 12-26-2010 08:01 AM

Re: Regarding torn tonsils
Hi-You're the first person I heard f having similar to what I have but may not be the same thing?

Quite often like monthly I will wake up feeling stuffed up and have that same icky stones and usually completely clear it by brushing, flossing and use a mouthwash and nose rinse and Nasonex a steroid nose spray everyday because I had a deviated septum and it was repaired and then again tissue and sinuses drained in surgery but still get these foul white or green-brown stones monthly or longer, Do you find you're stuffed up sometimes? Because I'm wondering if it could be related to your sinuses as well? I also get white pits come out of my tonsils and sometimes sore so I get an antibiotic as for strep infection. At one point I was treated for canndida and had to take treatment for my mouth similar to thrush and some Drs use Mycostatin rinse and swallow medication to clear it. I eat yogurt daily now to keep my palate healthy with the bacillus that yogurt offers.

I think it's the tonsils clearing my body lymph system of these stones. But not sure.

So if I were you I would get a second opinion to have treatment for your tonsils especially if you find that your stuffed up before the icky stones come out. I used to get a Q-tip to clear the white pus from the back of my tonsils until I hurt myself with the Q-tip scraping. Anyway drink lots of water and flush sterile saline through your sinuses maybe with the spray or neti pot with one teaspoon salt in warm water. Ask the Pharmacist how to use it correctly.

So yes a second opinion before any surgery. Take care. Sara

Sashai90 12-26-2010 08:07 AM

Re: Regarding torn tonsils
Hi Sara,

I do not feel stuffed.
I do not suffer from sinuses.

This post was made to get a second opinion :)
So we are on the same track :)

Thanks for the help.

Titchou 12-26-2010 04:33 PM

Re: Regarding torn tonsils
Many people do quite well with no tonsils. In fact, most are better off if t hey have had the kinds of issues you are talking about. The infection may never go away. Or you may begin have secondary infections as a result of the tonsil one. That's what was happening with me. I had mine out at age 25 - almost 40 years ago - and haven't had a single case of strep throat, only 2 ear infections, one case of the flu and only one case of walking pneumonia. Before that, I was hospitalized frequently for all of these plus tonsilitis which I generally had every 6-8 weeks. Very glad to have had them out.

Ratatosk 12-29-2010 12:08 PM

Re: Regarding torn tonsils
With my tonsils, they just kept oozing and shedding those white curds of nastiness. Mine actually started to bleed. When I finally opted for a tonsilectomy, my ENT said that they were full of infection, basically FULL of that stuff and one side was much larger than the other -- I believe he said he removed a golf ball sized deposit of infection that no type of oral antibiotic would've ever gotten rid of.

While it was major surgery, I did notice how much better I felt. I'd suffered from headaches for years which I assumed were sinus related. I suspect that instead all that infection was making me feel sick. I haven't really had headaches since my surgery 10 years ago.

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