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Scare after Tonsillectomy and New Symptoms..

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adam112 HB User
Scare after Tonsillectomy and New Symptoms..


I am a 26 year old M who has always had really enlarged tonsils, and recently they became too bothersome (i.e. choking me at night as I slept every 20 or so minutes) and decided to go along with a tonsillectomy. That was 12 days ago. I was told it was a 10ish day recovery and I should start feeling better around then, and I did. By day 9 I was totally off my pain meds, and was ready to finally move from my inclined couch to my bed, everything was on track. On my last night on the couch (morning 10) I woke up, took a sip of water, slightly coughed and laid back down. I started feeling my throat fill with saliva rather quickly, and assumed it was just because my sip of water got the juices flowing again. I was wrong. After about two minutes of the back of my throat filling up (every 3-4 seconds) I went into the bathroom to check what was going on. I spit and it was 100% blood, not blood mixed slightly in saliva, but straight up blood. I started to freak and held my mouth over the sink and let the stream enter the sink rather than my throat. After about two minutes of that, I ran and got my phone and called 911 (I was home alone). After a miserable argument with 911 (including being put on hold, transferred without my information being transferred so I had to repeat everything, and then having the lady tell me I did not live in the city that I do in fact live in), I remained over the sink. I was over the sink for about 10 minutes after the call ENDED and then the paramedics arrived just for the bleeding to actually stop. Overall there was about 2 pints of liquid (mix of blood and saliva, so not all blood at this point) was lost. They took me to the ER, in which they drew like 6 test tubes of blood, told me my hemoglobin was fine and sent me home. Told me it might happen again, but if it stopped on it's own, not to worry, it was just scabs coming off. Less than 9 hours after leaving the hospital it happened again, it ran for about 20 minutes, another pint or two of liquid, but it stopped, so I tried not too worry. I tried to go to sleep, but after two hours of tossing and turning I decided to go to the computer. Less than five minutes after that the bleeding started again. This time I had my gf bring me back to the ER. The doctor finally came in after an hour or so and did not seem too worried. I actually think he was about to send me home when just as he was about to get up, it started AGAIN. This time there was actually quite a bit of blood vomited up (from previously swallowing too much). The doctor left the room (In which my girlfriend who was just outside heard him say "Get him on an I.V. now, he's puking his brains out with blood". After taking more blood and scheduling a surgery the dose me with thing to make me relax, which worked wonders. In pre-op however the fifth attack started. They couldn't enter me into the system and my surgery was delayed because of their stupid systems. When the attack started, my surgeon came and told them to do it later and brought me into the OR. I finally stopped bleeding and they put me under. When I woke up, I had severe pain on my tongue and it it swollen on one side (I am going to just assume since it is very localized, like I chomped on it too hard that it was clamped in place, perhaps slightly too roughly, during surgery). But it is making movement of my mouth very difficult. I was told after regaining consciousness that the surgery went fine, they re-cauterized the source of the bleeding. I was also told that they had to suture a sponge to the location, since it is severely close to an artery, and they believed that was the source of the bleeding. They have also told me to basically treat my eating and drinking habits like I did on day 1. Which means STILL no comfy bed and no solid good foods.

That is what has happened to me so far, this is now my worries and questions.

I was able to sleep just fine when I got home (prob from the medications still in my system) but after that, I can no longer rest comfortably. I am so terrified that any second my throat is going to burst open again. Also, no matter how much water I drink, my saliva is feeling ultra thick, and it's making swallowing hard, and causes me to (as softly as I can) cough up some phlegm every so often. With my tongue swollen I can't really feel most of that side of my mouth so I freak out every time and run and see if it's blood. Which it hasn't been, but I am so paranoid. Another really weird side effect is I constantly feel like I had a fever, my face and neck and head feel really warm, but every time I take my temp it is around 98.3.

Does anyone have any experience with "sponge" sutured throats and advice on how to deal with the side effects and worries? Any advice will be very appreciated, Thanks in advance!

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glitterbabe HB User
Re: Scare after Tonsillectomy and New Symptoms..

hey, pretty much the same thing happened to me as well, except for the getting sent home bit!! i went to the a+e and was kept in from there (well transferred by ambulance blue lights and sirens to a more specialist hospital) and was there for 3 days!! i also had to have emergency surgery and had the bit of dressing (sponge) thing stitched in!!! the doctor said it was nothing to worry about and it would just come out, might taste strange but will just go down!!! but i have a very sensitive gag reflex so i knew it wouldnt be going down and i was worried about it making me sick and opening the wound again!! but it didn't, it did come up and it isnt a nice experience u can feel it coming away and feels horrible but once its gone its ok!!! and it did make me a tiny bit sick but that didnt cause any bleeding or anything, it came out around 3-4 days after and looked huge but i know it soaks up liquid so it would look big!!! but i am now almost 2 weeks past all of that and i feel a lot lot better, it was the right side of mine that opened up, so the left side feels completly fine and healed up!! the right side feels a little bit strange still but i havent had any pain relief for 2 days now and even the few days before that i was hardly having any pain relief!!!! i remember my tongue feeling really strange and numb for ages but it all feels fine now!!! i did feel very paranoid about it happening again but i havent had any problems so far!!! so good luck with the rest of ur recovery!!!

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adam112 HB User
Re: Scare after Tonsillectomy and New Symptoms..

Thanks for responding! I was finally able to take a slight nap after writing that long winded post. I woke up a few hours later, and within the first hour the pack jarred loose and I coughed it up. I started freaking out again, but since there was no blood (other than some dried stuff from surgery) I just called my doctor and hoped for the best. He said it was nothing to worry about, it came out a little earlier than normal, but that isn't necessarily bad. I am now entering day 15 since my initial surgery, and am still stuck on mashed potatoes, but I am feeling a little better. I think if I can get by for a few more days than I should be fine. I hope everything ended well for you, and thanks again!

Edit: Also if anyone is going through this same thing, my saliva did return to normal the next day after the pack fell out. I am not sure if that was related to it falling out, but it went away!

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