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Peroxide & Baking Soda Nasal irrigation

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Peroxide & Baking Soda Nasal irrigation


(First Post)

I'm looking for additonal info about Peroxide & Baking Soda. It was originally posted from a user "Machaon" on this forum and "stickied".

I see much info on his Peroxide & Baking Soda system on this forum but I can't seem to pinpoint the frequency of administration. In other words, How many time a day/week should one irrigate this way.?

Once, twice, three times a day. One a week, twice a week. Every other day?

I now have my FIRST sinus infection that developed from a cold last month, but I've has other minor "issues" with my sinuses for about two years now before the onset of the sinus infection. I feel a bit despondent over this new development. I even started meditating again to relieve anxiety and stress. A practice I had placed on the back burner for a year or so. Much anxiety can be created when one goes out into the "Wild West" of the internet seeking answers, especially to health issues.

I went to the ENT, had a CT scan done. It shows a massively deviated septum
in left side. It's been broken 4 times. It also shows infection in two of the sinuses. My nasal passageways were like a perfect storm for a sinus infection waiting happen, it seems.

Before I take the surgical plunge I wanted to try a more conservative treatment. I've been on antibiotics (Amoxicillin and Cefidinir) for three weeks now with minor improvement. I won't be taking any more after my latest round is finished in one week.

Machaon - If you see this post can you please tell me what the daily/weekly frequency was that you recommended. I don't want overdo it or cause any more suffering than necessary. It seems to me that you're were not doing it every day, but with recovery breaks in between.

Thanks ~

Thoughts about internet researching:

Btw, I never see any success stories about sinus surgery even though I know there are some. My belief is that those that were cured don't bother to post about it and simply move on with their lives, happy and unaffected. Those that continue to have problems continue to post and search for more answers. I believe this is why we all mostly find people with ongoing problems which leads to a sense of hopelessness (at least for anyway). But I do keep this mind when I got to the internet to research health issues. I wish those who have had successes would post more, at least for inspiration to those of us still seeking answers.



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Re: Peroxide & Baking Soda Nasal irrigation

Originally Posted by Hairfarm View Post
... I see much info on his Peroxide & Baking Soda system on this forum but I can't seem to pinpoint the frequency of administration. In other words, How many time a day/week should one irrigate this way.?

Once, twice, three times a day. One a week, twice a week. Every other day?
Man, I have not had another sinus infection in many years. It's been a long time since I flooded my sinuses again with Peroxide, baking soda and kosher salt. I've had to re-visit my post: Infrequent Sinus Flooding with Peroxide & Baking Soda halted my infection nightmare in the Sinus Problem Topic, and review it to try and remember how I cured myself of frequent, recurring sinus infections.

I can only say what worked for me. While the sinus floodings with peroxide, baking soda and salt cured my decades-long problems with multiple, annual sinus infections, it might not be safe for anyone else to try. In fact, flooding one's sinuses with anything could be more dangerous than helpful, especially to one's Eustachian Tubes and Middle Ear.

I do have a copy of the log that I kept when I recklessly first started trying to do something, anything about my nasty sinus infection problems. I was in so much discomfort and I was sooooo tired of taking antibiotics that I was recklessly willing to try anything. The following represents my log depicting my actual experiences, when I was trying to find a cure for my sinus infections with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

This log was taken right after I just got off ten days of Amoxicillin for a sinus infection. I thought that my sinus infection was fixed. My sinus infections used to start with pressure in one or both sinuses, which didnít go away and then continued to get worse. Iíve had surgery in my right sinus, which has left scarring, so my right sinus used to give me most of my problems with infections.

My log said: ===>
  • "Day 1: 9:10pm Sinus pressure, right side, DAMN! Right sinus closed. 1 part peroxide to 10 parts water/baking soda treatment tonight. 2 sinus floodings. 1st one very bloody. 10 parts water to 1 part peroxide. Added a 3rd sinus sinus flooding no foam, no blood"
  • "Day 2: 12:40pm, feel better. did a 4th sinus flooding. Added double pinch of baking soda."
  • "Day 2: nighttime: Damn. Right sinus closed ALL NIGHT!"
  • "Day 3: 9am. feel better. 1pm Did another 1 part peroxide to 10 parts water, with baking soda sinus flooding. Lots of foam. Sinuses more open after treatment. 4:53pm feel good all day. Did 2nd peroxide/baking soda sinus flooding. Foamed quite a bit. Did not blow nose for 8 minutes after sinus flooding. Seemed to help clean out gunk. Sinuses feel more open"
  • "Day 4: 7:53am. morning. Right sinus closed. 10:44am. did another peroxide/baking soda sinus flooding. 2:07pm. 2nd peroxide/baking soda sinus flooding, lots of foam, did 3rd peroxide/baking soda sinus flooding. Added pinch of salt. 1 part peroxide to 20 parts water. Lots of foam"
  • "Day 5: 6am. Sinus better in morning. more open. 7:31am Sinus VERY GOOD!!! Did another peroxide with two pinches of baking soda and added one pinch of salt. 1 part Peroxide to 20 parts water. Foamed but not as much. 3pm. Sinuses open today. 1st day open! nighttime-- sinus a bit stuffy again"
  • "Day 6: 7:52am. Sinus stuffy. No treatments today"
  • "Day 7: Sinus OK. 1pm another peroxide/one pinch baking soda/one pinch salt, 1 part peroxide to 20 parts water, sinus flooding. 6:05pm - Sinuses feel GREAT!!!"
  • "Day 8: sinus little stuffy. No sinus floodings today."
  • "Day 9: no sinus floodings today"
  • "Day 10: sinus feels great. Did a sinus flooding, peroxide/one pinch baking soda/one pinch salt. 1 part peroxide to 20 parts water. Foamed again. Sinus discharge really clean"
  • "Day 11: sinuses good."
  • "Day 12: no sinus floodings"
  • "Day 13: 1 part peroxide to 20 parts water/one pinch baking soda/one pinch salt - discharge is red. slight foam."
  • "Day 14-20 no sinus floodings"
  • "Day 21: 1 part peroxide to 20 parts water/one pinch baking soda/one pinch salt sinus flooding"
  • "Day 22-27 no sinus floodings"
  • "Day 28 Two peroxide sinus floodings, (1 part peroxide to 15 parts water)/baking soda/salt sinus floodings."
  • "next 87 days --- no sinus floodings."
  • "after 87 days without a sinus flooding: sinus stuffy for 3rd day in a row. Slight Asthma. One peroxide/baking soda/salt sinus flooding."

I hope that you are able to find an appropriate and long-lasting solution to your sinus problems! Take care........
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