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ka2218 01-25-2012 06:04 PM

Throat Tightening
hello i am 19 and i have had this feeling for about a 10 yrs now. its like a tightening of the throat for about a second and can happen throughout the day. it seems to happen more when i think about it and when i am trying to sleep and my mind is wondering. when it happens, i have found that coughing relieves the feeling and also moving my throat muscle up then down helps. i get this feeling when i am in an uncomfortable situation and i feel like i cant breathe. i have seen a pulmonologist and she says nothing is wrong and i have also seen a cardiologist. its pretty much coughing throughout the day. its a dry cough and its not loud i have read many things online and the symptoms almost match mine but there is always some other symptoms that i don't experience. i have read it cud be stress or anxiety but i dont so. i have no other symptoms and that makes it really hard to explain. can anyone help pls?

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