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Hi newbie here and need your help. Ears Blocked Again !!

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Old 06-28-2012, 09:35 AM   #1
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ronnie8 HB User
Hi newbie here and need your help. Ears Blocked Again !!

Hello, I stumbled on this site some weeks ago and I have found all the information given here from posters so helpful and in some ways theraputic for me. My story so far is this,
About 4 years ago I had the flu which after a week or so left me with chronic ear problems ever since. My ears were infected with this virus and were blocked and very painful. As a result I am left with ears that do not drain properly, so every 6 to 8 weeks I go to see my ear specialist and he cleans the wax out of my ears. My hearing is still always muffled and my ears are very sensitive to the slighest sound. The other day while out driving, I had my window alittle open and a huge truck went by and the noise from it nearly pierced my ears with pain. The slighest movement like pulling a jumper over my head while getting dressed will block them and I constantly hear clicks, and the creepy crawlies that some of you have spoken of.

Unfortunately I have another cold/virus at the moment as it's winter in my part of the world, and even though I try to be careful and I am rather paranoid when it comes to my ears I have not escaped getting struck down again with my ears worse than before. Also this time I have had vertigo which I have never had before so that scared me too. I will be having a head scan next week because I have had enough of the congestion in my head again. I want some answers if that's possible. My head at the moment feels so tight that it worries me and I am not allowed to take sudafed by my doctor because I already take blood pressure tablets and they are not allowed to mix. I poured some eucalyptus oil in a bowl of very hot water today as I have been told the steam with the oil will help. So I will keep doing this for awhile. But any advice from you wonderful posters would be much appreciated. I had abit of a cry today again, and I just feel so alone in this. I have a wonderful husband but there's only so much he can do. I have had one doctor in the past tell me that I should not become obsessed with my ear problem, and that I should learn to accept certain things and maybe down the track things will improve with different medications. I never saw him again and I now have a very understanding ear specialist but I still feel I am getting worse not better. Sorry for my whinge, but look forward to any advice.

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jenni9033 HB Userjenni9033 HB Userjenni9033 HB Userjenni9033 HB Userjenni9033 HB Userjenni9033 HB Userjenni9033 HB Userjenni9033 HB User
Re: Hi newbie here and need your help. Ears Blocked Again !!

Hi Ronnie, sorry to hear you are dealing with this. People who don't have chronic ear problems can hardly imagine how awful it is.

Have you tried Afrin or a similar nasal spray decongestant? That is, assuming your doctor clears it for you. It can only be used for 3-5 days consecutively but did help me at times in the past. Also the Ear Popper device has helped at times. Ibuprofen helps sometimes; I think it just calms down inflammation which might blocking proper e-tube function.

Also, some folks have great success with the neti pot. I have to admit I have let my neti pot usage slide by the wayside, but I'm thinking about starting it up again, perhaps with a xyzal additive to the rinse as I read that that can be helpful for chronic ear infections (I'm on my second infection for the year). The kind of neti pot I own is actually the NeilMed system, which is an easy to use spray bottle type.

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ronnie8 (06-30-2012)
Old 06-29-2012, 03:40 AM   #3
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Australia
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ronnie8 HB User
Re: Hi newbie here and need your help. Ears Blocked Again !!

jennifleck, thankyou for your response to my post. I went to my General Practioner
today and she has put me on the nasal spray " Rhinocort" and has given me " Stemetil "
for my vertigo. So I started taking these afew hours ago and as far as my blocked ears
and head congestion go I guess I will give it a week or so and see whether it helps.
You suggested Ibuprofen, and yes I have heard that it can help calm things down but
my doctor today said for me not to take it. I think the concern is my blood pressure and the medication that I take for my rheumatoid arthritis. So she doesn't want me taking too many different tablets. Anyway, today as I was waiting for the doctor I started to feel really dizzy and felt a wave of nausea. It helped that she saw me like this because
sometimes I feel doctors think we are paranoid about it all. Thanks for telling me about
the neti pot, that's something else I can try. I will be putting the eucalyptus oil in hot
water again tonight and get that steam into my congested head too as some people I know that say this is the best thing to open up the nasal passages too.
I am so glad I found this site I will definitely be posting more.


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LoopyLuci HB UserLoopyLuci HB User
Re: Hi newbie here and need your help. Ears Blocked Again !!

Hi Ronnie,

There are several of us on here who have similar symptoms. Jenni offers good advice. I have asked her tons of questions in the past.

I too have problems with my eustachian tubes and sound sensitivity. ( Hyperacusis) I also am having issues with vertigo again. I was diagnosed with Menieres 15 years ago at age 29. Currently we are not sure if this really is Menieres or not. My sound sensitivity is so severe at times that it will cause nausea and vomiting. ( Not typical for Menieres)

For the nausea I take Meclizine. When it is severe enough to cause vomiting I take Zofran. Zofran works really well.

I agree with trying Afrin if approved by your dr. It has brought me relief at times.

Do you have tinnitus?

If you google hyperacusis you can do some reading on sound sensitivity.

Jenni has been battling this a long time and is a great resource.

There are several threads on here where we have all posted and asked tons of questions.

Please know that you are not alone on this journey.

Let us know if there are any questions we might be able to answer for you.

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ronnie8 (07-02-2012)
Old 07-02-2012, 03:56 PM   #5
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Australia
Posts: 3
ronnie8 HB User
Re: Hi newbie here and need your help. Ears Blocked Again !!

Hi LoopyLuci,

Thank you so much for your advice and kind words. I Haven't been diagnosed with a
condition such as Menieres, or tinnitus , but I just know with all the problems I have
had with my ears the last few years, that I am getting worse. Initially, I have been told
that due to past infections, my ears do not drain properly, so I am prone to wax buildup
and the pain associated with it. My ENT specialist has been cleaning the ears every 6 to
8 weeks, for the past year or so. But as of some weeks ago when I was struck with
another virus I have noticed symptoms getting worse including vertigo, which I never
had before. Today for example, I woke up feeling very lightheaded with nausea so I took
the " stemetil " prescribed for vertigo and I actually felt worse, so I went to lie down for
abit and try to relax. This dizziness has got me worried, so it's back to my specialist
soon. I am due for a head scan as well this week too.

Thank you for the info on hyperacusis, I am reading as much as I can on it now. This
site is full of knowlegable people I only wished I had known about it 12 months ago when
I felt even more alone with my ear problems. One of the earlier ENT doctors I saw even
said to me last year to "go on a holiday and forget about things", when I explained that I
did not wish to go on a plane for the pain in my ears was unbearable he said, " enjoy
a holiday somewhere and stop thinking about your ears". That was it, I never saw him again and I put in a complaint, but nothing comes of it I don't think.

Can I ask, how often would you have dizziness or nausea? I have had it non stop the
last 8 days atleast. I don't think I will take the " stemetil " again as it makes me worse.
I think I will ask my doctor of the " Meclizine " that you also take. Maybe it will work for
me too. My sound sentivity is awful at times, and can be okay too. Presently, it is not
the best. I did a silly thing the other day and decided to listen to my ipod while I was
lying in bed. I made sure it was at a comfortable volume, heard afew songs, which
helped me to relax, then when I turned it off my ears blocked even more, and I began
to stress out all over again. Such a vicious cycle this is. I feel I have to constantly
be on guard. I am reading the many threads here on this subject as I can and it's
amazing how many people are in the same boat as me. It is comforting to know that I
can now come here and ask all you wonderful people for advice. Thank you.


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