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missspring 07-17-2012 05:29 PM

TONSILLECTOMY questions and experiences
Hello! I am 20 years old and had my tonsils out seven days ago. Thanks the lord I did not read these boards before surgery, or I'd have been way too scared to follow through. However, since the procedure, this site has been extremely helpful. I am going to record my experience here, so that it, too, may help others, and also pose a few questions!
Day 1 (day of surgery):[/B] Scared out of my mind. No kidding. I brought my favorite stuffed animal to snuggle and squeeze in anticipation, and he stayed with me for the entire procedure. The procedure itself was easy, the nurses were all very nice, fetching me warm blankets and cozy socks. I was out pretty much as soon as they had me on the operating table... then woke up in surprisingly little pain in the recovery room, the nurse feeding me ice chips and a popsicle. The drugs made me a little loopy, and I kept asking the nurse what her favorite book was. She had really nice nails, and I remember telling her so at least three times. My parents were allowed into the room, and I was sent home pleasantly drugged. I took my first Lortab before leaving the recovery room. Day 1 was really not bad. I drank LOTS of ice water, as the minimal throat pain was made even better by cold. I ate some dairy-free ice cream, and later two cans of warm soup. [B]Pain: 4[/B]

[B]Day 2:[/B] I was pleasantly surprised once again to have another day similar to day 1. I watched movies, drank water, ate spaghettiO's, and kept taking the lortab (liquid vicoden/acetaminophen) every 4 hours, and liquid Advil every 6. [B]Pain: 4[/B]

[B]Day 3:[/B] Pain increased a bit, and taking the pain meds that night was not fun. I began having ear pain, but was still managing it quite well and it was by no means unbearable. Had trouble talking, though, and as the day wore on pain got worse. However, I was able to shower, eat ramen noodles, soup, jello, and spaghettiO's. [B]Pain:5-6[/B]

[B]Day 4: [/B]This is when it got bad. Like I said, the night was bad and every time I swallowed the Lortab it would make my throat sting/ache and give me incredible ear pain. I was unable to eat more than a tiny amount of jello, and even water became painful to swallow. Truth be told, the jello was easier downed than the water. Around 4:00 p.m., I suddenly became very nauseous and threw up. The act of throwing up, surprisingly, wasn't that painful to my throat. The aftermath, though, was excruciating. The ear pain was so intense it was all I could do to clutch at the toilet and drool into it. I was crying (but trying not to, as this only intensifies pain), and unfortunately my parents had left so I was home alone. I stayed there until they got home, at which point my mom ran me a bath and I got in, still in unimaginable pain. The rest of the night was not much better. I stayed in the bath for a while (I recommend it, it does help with the pain) and then got out and tried to get some water down. My mom said that it was most likely the liquid advil that had upset my stomach, so I didn't take it for the rest of the night and waited a couple extra hours to take the Lortab (which, of course, was painful). I slept okay but every time I had to wake up and take the lortab it was complete misery. I was in such intense pain for about three minutes after each dose that I began dreading the pain medication (ironic, huh?). [B]Pain: 9-10[/B]

[B]Day 5: [/B]This was just as bad as day four. I wasn't vomiting, but the lack of advil had me in more pain and I was still unable to eat, speak, or open my mouth very wide. There was still a thick layer of white stuff on my tonsil beds, and for most of the day I was in such intense pain I thought I was going to die. It sounds dramatic, but it's true: I have never, ever, experienced pain like that in my life. I laid on the couch all day, ate nothing, and drank little. I felt hungry at one point, so I had my dad make me some lukewarm chicken and stars soup. I took one sip, and almost instantly my ears and throat exploded in uncontrollable, excruciating pain the likes of which you cannot even imagine. I rolled into a ball and started hyperventilating and crying it was so intense and it was all my parents could do to keep me from screaming. I was tearing at my hair, sticking my fingers in my ears, and hitting everything. Finally, after about three minutes, it let up and I rested. [B]Pain: 9-10[/B]
Day 6:[/B] I woke up for my 6:30 meds feeling nauseous, and it continued and got worse as the morning progressed. I was totally unable to take the meds, drink water, or eat because of the intense nausea. I didn't throw up, but I was in (once again) horrible pain and didn't know what to do. My mom called in and told the doctor, who wrote me a prescription for Zofran (an anti-nausea med). I took the Zofran, which dissolves on the tongue, and soon after my nausea went away and I was able to take my Lortab. I was still in pretty intense pain though, and my ears hurt a lot. I took a bath, then watched tv and in the evening I started taking Advil again, but not the liquid kind. Instead, I tried the liquid-gels, which are supposedly less hard on your stomach. Swallowing it actually wasn't as painful as swallowing the liquid Lortab, and soon I felt much better. Still in pain, but much decreased. I was even able to eat a bit of Jello and drink a good amount of water. A chunk of the white stuff came off (about 3mm in diameter), which I swallowed. It bled some but clotted fast. I went to sleep, and once again, every 4 hours when I woke up to take my pain meds, it was awful. [B]Pain: 10 (7 towards the evening)[/B]
Day 7 (today):[/B] I woke up taking the Lortab and it was still pretty painful. Ears hurt like the dickens, etc. But I have a lot more energy today, and my pain has decreased substantially from yesterday. I even ate half of a scrambled egg, with lots of water of course. So far, my throat is still mostly white. Pretty much all white. I'm not sure if this means I will go through more intense pain when the white falls off, or what... I am REALLY hoping my decreased pain today means I'm on the mend. It still hurts my ears and throat to drink anything, and there is a lot of stinging, even with water. I feel a lot more energized today, though, and not at all nauseous thanks to the Zofran, which I took earlier today. [B]Pain: 7-8[/B]

So, this brings me to my questions...

1. I keep getting the hiccups for extended periods of time... 30 minutes or so. It is quite painful. Has anyone else experienced this? Remedies?

2. I am concerned that my throat is still mostly white. Shouldn't the white (scabs) be falling off? Isn't it supposed to be intensely painful when that does happen? Does this mean that my decreased pain today is only temporary, and will be worse again when the white stuff starts to fall off???

LaurieJ31981 07-17-2012 07:44 PM

Re: TONSILLECTOMY questions and experiences
I hope the journey for you gets better soon...

As far as the scabs coming off, Mine started coming off on day 5, and everyday after a little more, I was no longer in any type of pain from day 7 and on... I did not experience any added pain as the scabs came off nor did I even realize they were gone until i looked. I am now on Day 27, back to normal, eating normal except for anything to crunchy I am just not brave enough to try that yet lol.

Only advice I can give, switch to liquid tylenol if the Lortab makes you nauseous. I wasnt even taking the whole 2 TBSP's of Tylenol and what pain I did have was gone in 5 mins... I also drank as much as possible especially the first 2 weeks, ate lots of oodles of noodles, pudding, icecream, mac and cheese, pasta with butter. I stayed away from anything saucy or to much spices...

It should get better from here on out, stay resting for a few more days... Keep us posted

missspring 07-18-2012 07:27 PM

Re: TONSILLECTOMY questions and experiences
Day 8: Well, I'm on day 8 (including the day of surgery) and still not feeling all that great. Last night I managed to eat a bowl of Ramen soup, and again today I had a bowl. I am still having really bad pain though, particularly at night and in the mornings. I just woke up from a nap that lasted two hours, and when I woke up I was in excruciating pain again. I've started taking the Lortab at a 1/2 dose every two hours instead of a fulll dose every four, because it was wearing off too quickly and with my extremely high metabolism I was chewing through it in only an hour. Still pretty painful when swallowing. Looking at my throat, there's a little more pink but still a LOT of white. When will the pain end??? Pain: 7-8 (9-10 during worst points)

LaurieJ31981 07-19-2012 05:16 PM

Re: TONSILLECTOMY questions and experiences
[QUOTE=missspring;5022457]Day 8: Well, I'm on day 8 (including the day of surgery) and still not feeling all that great. Last night I managed to eat a bowl of Ramen soup, and again today I had a bowl. I am still having really bad pain though, particularly at night and in the mornings. I just woke up from a nap that lasted two hours, and when I woke up I was in excruciating pain again. I've started taking the Lortab at a 1/2 dose every two hours instead of a fulll dose every four, because it was wearing off too quickly and with my extremely high metabolism I was chewing through it in only an hour. Still pretty painful when swallowing. Looking at my throat, there's a little more pink but still a LOT of white. When will the pain end??? Pain: 7-8 (9-10 during worst points)[/QUOTE]

The worst is when sleeping and waking up, your mouth gets dry, felt like swallowing glass to me. I do not miss that lol. Do you have a humidifier? it helps somewhat...

The light is at the end of the tunnel i promise... I didn't think it would finally get there but it does. Just keep resting, and doing as much as you're able to do with eating soft foods and drinking.

01Cele22 03-11-2013 10:47 AM

Re: TONSILLECTOMY questions and experiences
I'm on day 8 of my surgery and this morning when I swallowed, I swallowed most of the white stuff on the back of my throat yet when I went to rinse my mouth after I ate this morning I noticed it was back again. Is that normal? I spend more time crying cause I'm miserable then I do just trying to relax. I'm diabetic so I try to eat as often as I can but all I hear is my stomach growl :(

bmcelveen 03-12-2013 07:04 PM

Re: TONSILLECTOMY questions and experiences
I am a 29 year male in day 5 of my tonsilectomy! I had both the tonsilectomy and subanular tubes done at the same time. On day of surger it was pretty scary as this wast the first time I had ever had a surgery and I had read so many of the post on sites like this that had me pretty worried about the recovery period I might be facing.

As soon as I came out of surgery in postop one of the nurses gave me a popsicle which i quicly downed as the coldness was soothing to the pain I had in my through at this time I would rate the pain a 3 or a 4. The doctors decided to keep me in the hospital and monitor me overnight due to my severe sleep apnea and the potential to have complications due to anesthesia.

I was first placed in a room with a gentlemen that I think had dementia and he was yelling and hollering and panicking everytime his wife left the room. I was so freaked out by this I started making calls to my doctors only about 4 hours out of surgery asking them to come let me out of the hospital so I could stay at home. The thought of trying to get a nights sleep with the guy next to me screaming and panicking all night was not very promising. The doctors came and told me that if I left it would be agains medical advice so I pretty much decided to stay, but luckily ended up getting a seperate room about an hour later. I think my doctors and nurses sympathized with my predicament.

Once moved in my own room I was given the clear liquids diet to choose my dinner from and I ordered a chicken broth. I was constantly refilling my cub with the soft sonic like ice and using it to keep my throat at extremly cold temperatures and this helped with both being able to talk softly and get the chicken broth down. I was put on a rotation of liquid hydrocodene, liquid antibiotics, nasal spray, metformin pills, lisinopril pill, etc. I was able to get all those down that day and my pain stayed pretty managable throughout the day however it was a persistent burnign similar to what I had previously experienced when having strep throught.

I am on day 5 and so far my recovery has gradually improved from day one, so far it seems that I might make it throught the entire recovery without having any of the experiences I am hearing mentioned on these sites. I think the keys to my success have been constant cold liquids mostly water and gatorade, sonic powerade slushsh and crushed ice work wonders in getting you through the last hour or so before you next dose of pain meds. I took the liquid hydrocodene about every 4 hours the first 3 days and then shifted to extra strength over the counter acetemetiphine to control the pain for the last 2 days and have been able to keep it manageable thus far.

I wanted to make sure that I safed the stronger medications for later just in case i find that the pain increases when scabs come off etc.

I was able to eat some sonic tots by day 3 crushed, chicken soup, day 4 I was able to eat chicken lomein and today day 4 I have been able to get down refried beans and rice and cheese enchiladas. I did not experience any nausea, but did have some slight consitpation due to the pain meds and had to take stool softeners a couple of times. I have also had intermittent diahrrea.

Today I have noticed that I have been able to talk with a louder voice, switching from the hydrocodene has seemed to help with not having periods of dizzyness etc or hot flashes which I was experiencing previously. Overall my experience thus far has been completely managable and I cant wait to see the benefits I experice from having this procedure done.

Hope your recovery goes smoothly. I will try to update you if I find that the pain increases at a later time.

Hopesmumma 04-03-2013 05:10 AM

Re: TONSILLECTOMY questions and experiences
hey i am a 19 year old female and had my tonsils out 8 days ago, your experience sounds pretty painful and mine was too for the first day! I had so much liquid morphine i was sick luckily no blood though, 4 hour later i had a yoghart it really really hurt but i had about 6 spoonfuls. Day 1. The next morning i ate toast and cereal, the nurses told me the sooner i start eating normally the better as it would wash all the blood etc down from the operation to stop infection. The pain was really bad but i just carried on i managed to eat a slice of toast and half a bowl of cereal!

Day 2. Really painful loads of water and fresh hot honey and lemon, worked wonders! I hate honey but it has very good natural healing properties so i didnt care i was having it on toast aswell. I had about 3 biscuits throughout the day as nibbling is good to clear the scabs.

Day 3. same as 2 but had macaroni cheese.

Day 4. Still painfull but powering through lol.

Day 5. Slight ear ache worse in evening scabs starting to come off properly.

Day 6. The same as 5 ate a jacket potato and a curry haha.

Day 7. Feeling better scabs have cleared at the top back of my throat just still waiting for the bottom of my throat.

Day 8. Feeling even better back to being able to look after my little girl but taking it easy as throat is still sore.

I think getting back to eating is the best way to recover, i couldnt afford not to eat as im anemic and would have had no energy and it would have taken over. Just try to think positive even though its hard i was scared of bleeding for the first 5 days but over than now :)

:) hope that helped aswell guys!

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