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harperb 08-23-2012 08:25 PM

Unusual neck/throat, tongue and ear symptoms
A little over 2 weeks ago, I noticed my tongue felt swollen and I had teeth marks on the sides. At the same time, my neck (front) felt uncomfortable. I had odd sensations that my lower face and neck were very puffy, but if you were to look at them, they appeared normal (apart from the teeth marks on the tongue which is evidence it was indeed swollen). I did not have a sore throat, but developed mouth sores in response to eating just about anything, even things I've had before with no allergic response. Still, it all seemed like an allergic response. The front part of my neck was also very tender to the touch (thyroid?).

After several days of those symptoms, the upper sides of my neck became painful. For a day, I felt like there were two small knots on both sides (sort of near the junction where your side neck muscles meet your jaw), but after a day or so I couldn't feel the knots anymore. Now for the last several days, the right side of my neck moving from midway up under my jawline and back toward my right ear is really bothering me (sometimes I have the sensation that there's pain under my tongue, but there's nothing under my actual tongue in my mouth). There's pain and pressure in my right ear. I don't detect any swollen lymph nodes and I don't feel sick. My tongue remains swollen and my mouth feels constantly parched. The pain on the right side is noticeable shortly after I wake up in the mornings and fluctuates throughout the day. It is worse when I eat or drink, and whenever I drink I can often feel the fluid going down the right side. I'm nervous tonight because I had an alcoholic drink and noticed it worsened the pain whenever I took a sip (and I know pain in lymph nodes when drinking can be a symptom of lymphoma). I just had a complete blood workup done about a month ago and it was all normal, and I don't have any of the other symptoms of lymphoma (fever, night sweats, weight loss). In June, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and mild gastritis, so I was wondering if maybe I'm having reflux which is irritating the lining of my throat. Is it possible to have reflux without knowing it?! Grass/weed/tree pollen levels are also moderate/high in my area right now, and I take zyrtec in the morning because I do have allergies...maybe the zyrtec isn't enough and I'm having inflammation due to allergies? Any ideas what could be causing this?

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