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sphinxlike 08-27-2012 01:49 PM

Tonsillectomy stinging?
Hi, I'm a 21 year old male who had a tonsillectomy last Thursday so today has been day 4 of my recovery. I have been in quite bad pain, but with my pain meds it has been manageable but I haven't been able to eat much, I have however been drinking ridiculous amounts of water.

I was told by my doctor to get some soluble paracetamol, and I also got some codeine phosphate to take as that worked really well for me when I was in hospital. Both have been fine with me so far, however last night I noticed when taking my paracetamol that it stung my right 'hole' slightly but went away after about 30 minutes, same thing happened this morning. However, when I took my last lot (almost 3 hours ago) I have had a very bad stinging sensation ever since, I can no longer talk as well as I could before I had the paracetamol, and even drinking water which was perfectly fine beforehand, really stings.

Could this be that perhaps a bit of scab has fallen off and anything that comes into contact with the new skin is very painful? There looks to be no bleeding, and my throat looks almost identical to what it has done in the past couple of days, is this stinging sensation natural?

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