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Julie557 09-27-2012 05:47 PM

I don't know whether i pulled a muscle or what's wrong
Hello :) well i've been having problems since long now, 4 months to be exact. i had tonsillitis and took antibiotics and everything, went to my ENT and he said back then the pharynx and tonsils are red and gave me something for the infection. the infection is gone now, but even then and now too (maybe more than before) i feel like my throat is breaking whenever i swallow food or water... even saliva. i used to cough a lot to clear my voice, because i was feeling something stuck there, but this thing appeared and it's annoying. many times i eat with difficulty, and when i don't swallow something i feel a burning sensation, going from the tonsil folds, under the tongue and down the throat up to the base of the neck. i'm scared because i don't know what else to do! The doc didn't see anything there other than the redness, he even said my vocal cords are in perfect shape, but this sensation doesn't disappear. when there's no burning sensation, it's a feeling like i'll swallow the whole throat, and when there's neither of the two, the muscles are contracted up to the point when i can't talk in the normal voice tone, but lower and not for too long. could this mean i pulled a muscle? and if so, what can i do to make it better? i've been taking, painkilles, antibiotics, even vitamins... all sort of things for sore throat... i'm a bit worried i damaged my throat in some way...

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