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queenofhearts19 10-11-2012 12:38 PM

tonsillectomy day 0
ok hi
i'm Kez, i'm 17 (just) and tomorrow i am having my horrible little (well big) tonsils cut out forever :D
reason i'm putting this up is to ask any sugestions on what to wear and how to have my hair? i know they make you wear the gown but what is easiest for before you get into the gown. is there any particular way they make you put your hair?

i will be (trying) to wright a day to day account of how i'm feeling ect
i am also trying to convince my mum to set up an account and wright a day by day account from a family/friends perspective i will post about it if she does

so any extra advice i may need before going in tomorrow?
kez <3

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