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kidonike 10-13-2012 05:36 PM

inner ear problems? (usually noticed during PMS)
Last December (2011) I had a vertigo attack while driving. I continued to feel "off " for about a week. I went to the dr. and took meclizine and after about 5 days felt better. Then the following month, i had the feelings again. This has continued monthly since then.

A week/few days before my period I feel -out of it.
somewhat dizzy,
unable to focus
pressure in my head/ears like they need to pop.
Ive noticed I tend to have my hand on my head/face a lot -- if i don't i feel unsteady.

This goes away during my menstrual cycle.

because of this I have developed a driving phobia... I am currently in therapy for it and every month I make progress but then when the time comes back around i feel terrified while driving. It's like a sensory overload and i feel as though I am losing control.

ANyway, I also have tinnitus (pretty much all the time). My ears are also very sensitive to weather and movement. If i am running I wear a hat even if its 65 degrees out or my ears hurt! I took a scuba class once and i could not go as deep as everyone else in the class because of the intense pain in my ears.

Okay I am rambling. I am considering going to see a specialist. Should i see an ENT or an audiologist? Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?

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