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nick116 11-15-2012 10:52 AM

Blocked Ear
Evening all,

Where to begin… About 3 weeks ago I woke up and my right ear was blocked and I couldn’t hear anything, over the week it cleared a little and I could hear. I had some tinnitus in that ear too! I then went on holiday, flying from the Uk to Spain and I had no problems while I was there (probably due to the heat). Ive come back to the Uk and over the last week not only have i still got the low very quiet tinnitus in the right ear but now a ringing in my left.

When I blow though my nose (valsalva maneuver) the ringing in my left ear stops but the right ear gets louder and then when I do the opposite (suck in) the ringing in my left ear gets louder and the right ear gets quieter. As you can imagine, trying to balance both ears at night is somewhat tricky.

Ive been to the doctors and they’ve said its likely to be blocked Eustacian tubes and told me to try nasal sprays and putting my head over a pan of boiling water with some decongestant in. This has worked a little but nothing much has helped. How can i tell ive blocked these tubes?

I’m getting annoyed by the ringing and I cant seem to pop my right ear (it did pop once a few days back and the ringing stopped but that was after a full on boiling water decongestant session!

Could this become a permanent thing? Is my constant Valsalva manuvers making it worse – should I stop doing it?

Or how long does this take to sort itself out and is there anything else I can do? Im losing sleep and its driving me slowly mad :-)

Any ideas or support welcome. Thanks

solofelix 11-15-2012 12:04 PM

Re: Blocked Ear
I feel for you as I have an ear problem myself.
I have a loud pulsating in one ear and I know how you feel. It can really get to you especially at night when you are trying to sleep.
You could try SUDAFED which is a decongestant. It is available in liquid and tablet form and I have found it really helpful when i've had a cold, if you can clear the nasal passages it will releive pressure in the ears.
In my case I have no nasal problem and mine just appeared four weeks ago. The sooner it goes the better but having suffered Tinitus on/off for many years I know things like this take their time.
I wish you well,


nick116 11-15-2012 12:31 PM

Re: Blocked Ear
Hi and thanks for replying, its nice to know that i'm not the only one suffering from this. Its quite disheartening especially when you're lying in bed trying to drift off and instead you're focusing on the noise.

Ive got an appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning, it feel like when i pop my ears the left ear can equalise pressure (the ringing stops) but the right ear doesnt quite get there and the noise lessens but doesnt stop completely.

I still cant work out if the Estachian tubes are blocked or just swollen, in which case i doubt what im doing will clear them. I'm hoping there's some infection or something he can prescribe to reduce any swelling causing them to close up.

I reckon as the last doc said, its the flight coupled with my cold which has caused this.

I also feel for you and the guys on this forum, ive read some interesting threads :).

I wish you well too.

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