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itsDifficult 01-16-2013 08:39 PM

3 year old with ear fluid
My 3 year old daughter has ear fluid for 2 months now and the ent doctor said her left ear drum is collapsing / sunken with a negative pressure in her ear.

Daughter had one pair of tubes put last year in march but the left ear tube came out in october and after that she got fluid in left ear.

So doctor says we should put second pair of tubes in her ear and also remove the adenoids as it's not advisable to keep on putting tubes.

-I am concerned about the collapsing ear drum
-also concerned about putting ear tubes and surgery again
-should I wait for a few months for the fluid to drain on its own or go for 2nd time ear tubes now?
-any other recommendation to how ear fluid can drain on its own?
-we do use saline spray and tried nasonex for 3 weeks but that did not help

thanks so much..

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