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PierreT 02-11-2013 07:16 PM

Clogged ear and lump in throat (9 months!)
Hello readers,

I was hoping to find someone who has experienced my problem before I pay to see an ENT (no insurance at present).

About 9 months ago I noticed that my right ear felt a little clogged. When I'd go running in the morning or at other times. It would pop. Generally, it felt stuffy and I thought it odd when it was still the same a month later.

I'm not sure if this is related, but two months later in the middle of summer I got a throat infection (first time in my life - I've never even had strep before). Amoxicillin took care of it.

However, after the throat infection experience, I noticed a sensation of a constant lump in the back of my throat. I chalked it up to anxiety. Or I thought because I was obsessing about my throat that I was just noticing something that was always there.

Lately my ear seems worse and I've noticed the throat thing more prevalently. But also, more a sensation of something dripping, making me want to swallow.


- no headaches.

- highly doubt I have an ear infection (I was on amox twice recently for a dental procedure)

- my breath isn't bad

- tongue isn't pasty

- no ear pain

- no runny nose (well, a little - it's winter).

- ear crackles when I swallow

- I DON'T cough up mucus

- I tried cleaning out my ears with wax remover, but it didn't help. (the remover seems to drip right down my throat)

So to sum up: ear feels like there's cotton in it, hearing is muffled, when I swallow it crackles, I feel there's a lump in my throat and that there a weird drippy, mucusy sensation.

Anyone have any ideas? I get anxious sometimes about it.

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