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decided after years to have a tonsilectomy

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Old 05-11-2013, 08:55 AM   #1
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Lauder1873 HB User
Unhappy decided after years to have a tonsilectomy

Hi All, I've never posted on a message board before but I wanted to share my experience as I think it will help people make a choice. I had chronic tonsil stones for years and I tried everything, books off the Internet, brushing my teeth so hard and so often that ive got gum recession, gargling with lemon juice, eating a ton of gum, everything. Nothing worked and it make every aspect of my life a misery. I'm pretty outgoing but I was ALWAYS conscious of this smell and it impacted everything. I decided after years to have a tonsilectomy (in my 30s) but I was worried because of all the horror stories. I work in the Middle East but am from the UK so I went home to have it done. It got done on a Tuesday morning. For Tuesday lunch I had chilli (I swear) chicken and potatoes, albeit very mild. I got out Wednesday. On Friday night I went to a friend's for dinner, I was taking paracetamol and pain was certainly noticeable if I didn't take my meds. On Saturday afternoon I went into town. I was off meds by the following Wednesday and despite advice not to fly for 3 weeks in case of bleeding, I was so bored I flew (for 7 hours) on the Sunday (12 post-op). Everything was fine. Put simply, it is the best decision I've ever made, I feel reborn. When iwas in a crowded bar or crowded space, which I dreaded, I used to talk kind of to the side of people, so my breathe wouldn't be in their face. Intimacy with someone new was awkward.

My life has changed completely. I am not a tough guy or anything like it I have a pretty average pain threshold. I've posted because I didn't get the op for years because of all the horror stories I read on the Internet and I deeply regret it. For 2 to 3 weeks of mild and decreasing discomfort your life will change enormously for the better, my only regret is not doing it sooner. Cheers.

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Sakkattack HB User
Unhappy Re: Tonsil stones/bad breath/tongue coating

Hello Everyone,

I am 20 years old, I have had bad breath for around 2 years and it s been constantly with me since then. It has changed myself and how i act in my everyday life. I just found out that tonsils may be the cause of my problem and tomorrow im calling an ENT to go meet with him. My dentist said that my teeth are not the problem, HOWEVER i suspect that the main problem is the white-yellow coating on my tongue. The sulphur(i guess?) coating is not always there, but i get the feeling that sometimes it is not visible, as it could be deep in my tongue. I am wondering how this coating is being created and if it is possible that it is created by my tonsils. Also, i came across somebody saying that after his tonsil removal his bb got away but like after a year it came back! how is that possible.

Thank you very much everyone you ve been extremely helpful

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simonnej HB User
Re: Tonsil stones/bad breath/tongue coating

I am 6 days out after tonsils removed its been a rough surgery at 34. I have lost 13.5 pounds doctors office weighed me at my post op today. I am eating still really soft foods. The white stuff on the tongue is nasal drip and the doctor told me that after the recovery I needed to start using nasal saline before bed a few times a week and also rinse my mouth daily with warm salt water. I hope this helps.

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curedfinally HB User
Re: Tonsil stones/bad breath/tongue coating

I had the tonsil stones and white coating. Had a tonsillectomy at age 24, horrible, horrible pain. But no regrets! Still have the white coating but I smoke and attribute it to that. How many of you that have or had tonsil stones are lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy? I am lactose intolerant. Came across an article yrs. ago about that being a cause for them.

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jultrim18 HB User
Smile Re: Tonsil stones/bad breath/tongue coating


I am 20 years old, and I have also suffered from tonsil stones since like forever! I remember in high school I would always brush my teeth every morning, yet still have terrible breath!!! My dad would even ask me if I brushed my teeth! How embarrassing! I could squeeze my tonsils every morning with a q-tip and I'd always pop out a tonsil stone, or gross *** white fluid that tasted like ***. Long story short, I went to my ENT and told him my problem. I first got put on an antibiotic, but that didn't help. So a year later I was totally done with these damn stones, so I went back. He said he'd then suggest a tonsillectomy, and I was like yes please! I was quite terrified that I was going to die just to remove my stones, because I never had sore throats! Only tonsil stones. But I just couldn't tolerate them anymore.

Sooooo! Yesterday I had my tonsillectomy!!! People would tell me to gargle mouthwash and stuff, but nothing worked! I even brushed my teeth so hard and much I have receding gums at 20

Let's get back on topic! So no more tonsils yay!!!!! I was terrified and shaking because it was my first surgery, but they drugged me up quickly on the table, and they were very nice. I remember after waking up, I was like wow I don't have bad breath! lol but please just do it! Stop suffering! Nothing will help. My insurance covered it because it is a medical condition.

Let me just tell you.... I am suffering so badly it's the first day after surgery, and I hurttttttt my drugs don't helppppp at all, and I can't eat nothing but ice pops! I can't even drink! Talking is like impossible. But on the bright side, I am 5'2" and I was 160 but I lost four lbs already from not eating yay!!!!! Good luck and I will be happy if you have any questions because I shall do nothing but cry these coming two weeks

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synapticdance HB User
Re: Tonsil stones/bad breath/tongue coating

Hey everyone,

I am long-term tonsil stone sufferer just like everyone else in this sub-forum... so finding others who have gone through this AND found solutions is such a great resource to have. What a frigging relief

I am just about to see my very first ENT (I have put this off for some time until I finally saw my first tonsil stone but I suspect this was my entire problem from the beginning but I had zero clue and regular GPs sure know nothing!!!) - and I am super nervous! I am also worried he will wave off my problems like past specialists.

But I want to share what is called a coblation tonsil cryptolysis procedure where lasers are used to smooth out the tonsil crypts. This is a newer procedure meant to eventually replace the traditional tonsillectomy. This procedure is reported to have far less side effects and down time is greatly reduced.

Anyway, I bring this up only because I realize that tonsil stones are my issue now... but I have always been afraid to see an ENT for fear that he will tell me my only option is to have them surgically removed (which just terrifies me).

So my question to you guys in this thread is... have you heard of this ablation? Did your doctors and ENTs only recommend the traditional surgery route? Would you have chosen the laser procedure instead of the traditional tonsillectomy had you known it existed?

Thanks for your time and input!

- Richard

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