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  • tonsillectomy very nervous!!! Any comments will help!

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    Thenamesgod HB User
    Unhappy tonsillectomy very nervous!!! Any comments will help!

    Hey my names Andrew I'm 23 and I will be having my tonsils taken out on August 14th. I found this out today while at the ent after suffering from my tonsils being swollen on and off for 2 months straight now. Usually I don't let stuff get to me and I was just playing games with a few buddies and decided to try to get to sleep. And as I was laying there I tried hard not to think pessimisticly. Thought to myself if I read online ill likely scare myself more so than needed and of course. Here I am after reading a dozen stories of mixed reviews. Worried of course of the worse possible scenario. I guess my question is what am I to expect with modern day science and what are the odds of death. I try to claim I'm not fearful of this occurance although a mishappening outside of my control would be rather terrible. I think of statistics most of the time but all I can remember is the news scaring me as it is bred to on a story about someone who died undergoing this surgery. It's the only time I've ever heard of this happening but of course the thoughts lingers viciously through my head before I try to go to sleep. Anyone who could attempt comfort and reason with me would be highly appreciated. I know there's a strong chance I won't get a reply I've never used this site and signed up just now to rant because I have no one else to rant to at 230 am. However if anyone does see this and responds I thank you for simply taking the time to read and help.

    If you wanna know more about the surgery leading up or after ill continue to post if anyone's interested

    I'm Andrew just a 23 year old with his tv show paused because the noise prevented him from concentrating on this oh so pleasant thought of fearing surgery... I don't expect much sleep this month... But I do expect reading many stories about this. It's my second surgery 1st surgery that I've had time to think of since the 1st one happened as needed not mapped out and dated on the calendar. Thanks for whom ever read.


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    Re: tonsillectomy very nervous!!! Any comments will help!

    The girl in the case you read about had other medical issues, not just the tonsil surgery. So please, discount this one. It is a rough procedure for many as an adult. I had mine out at 26 and the pain was pretty well controlled by meds. My doctor gave me a gel gargle that deadened my throat and worked great. Be sure to ask if you can have something like that along with adequate pain meds. Be sure to drink fluid to keep the area moist. A dried out throat can be very painful with this. Otherwise, I just felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck...totally worn out for 2 weeks.

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    Thenamesgod HB User
    Re: tonsillectomy very nervous!!! Any comments will help!

    I appreciate it I was intimidated to look more into that story my mind has the tendency to run with poor thoughts. How was the procedure in it and of it self. Was it quick? And did you feel aweful when you awoke. And what do you recommend the first few days food wise if anything. I've just been sick a lot recently and I have been eating very little for the last week and for the past 2 month my diet changes based off of my health I'm 5'4 125 pounds usually due my ridiculous metabolism but since I haven't been eating so great I've dropped 10 pounds as is... I'm a lil worried of my weight if this continues

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    Re: tonsillectomy very nervous!!! Any comments will help!

    Your surgeon may have certaiin requirements for you diet so I hesitate to recommend anything in particular other than popsicles, tea, ginger ale, etc. My doctor told me to eat whatever I felt like I wanted and could get down - which is what I did.

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    megan104 HB User
    Re: tonsillectomy very nervous!!! Any comments will help!

    So sorry to hear you are nervous! I understand entirely, however. I am currently 22 days post tonsillectomy and doing great (I’m a 25 year old female). My tonsils had been swollen and infected for 6 months, and I had doctors telling me constantly “oh they’re fine you just have a case of tonsillitis” they would prescribe me an antibiotic and send me on my way. After several blood tests and 5 rounds of antibiotics, nasal spray, steroids, pain medicine and an ER trip, I finally was able to see an ENT (I kept believing I was crazy and there wasn’t actually anything wrong with me). When I finally saw the ENT he said I had a severe peritonsilar abscess that had started eating its way through my healthy tissue. My body was just wearing down by this point. The weekend before I went to the mall with my mother and couldn’t make it past 2-3 stores and I’ve always been a healthy person with no issues—but this was knocking me off my butt.

    So I said all this to say—A. BEST decision I’ve ever made- mine were pretty bad by the time I had them out. I had no idea that I couldn’t swallow normally or breathe correctly until I started feeling normal again—I highly doubt you will regret your decision to remove them and B. Please do not be scared—I know it is much easier said than done. I was absolutely terrified. The night before I was lying in bed with my husband and our dogs crying telling them in case something happened that I loved them more than anything. It was realistically probably very pathetic. Statistically you are in great hands, especially if you do not have any other underlying conditions. Anesthesia is incredibly safe now and VERY few people have any issues with it much less do not wake up. It would be INCREDILY rare. If you have successfully had anesthesia before (wisdom teeth maybe?) then the odds are negligible. With a tonsillectomy the only real risk (surgery wise) is that the tonsils lie next to a major artery—however one reason I told you my story about the abscess and it eating into the tissue is that my doctor said he had to “go digging” to find healthy tissue and “carve out” infection—so while yes gross-forgive me for the story I only mentioned it to say—the vein isn’t something they’re going to just hit accidentally. The survival rate of a tonsillectomy is probably far better than getting in the car and driving there-you will be just fine.

    What to expect:
    *you may be required to have blood work done a week or so before to ensure that all your levels are okay to proceed with surgery

    Day before:
    You will probably be instructed to eat or drink nothing 8-12 hours before surgery. This is to ensure that you are nice and hungry to pair with your nervousness-jk. It is to ensure your stomach is empty so there is no risk of you getting sick during/right after surgery.

    Day Of:
    If it is anything like mine—you’ll go in—fill out some last minute paper work and get suited up in a nice comfortable drafty gown. Your anesthesiologist/nurse anesthetist will probably come in and talk to you a little bit and tell you about what to expect. Your nurse will start an IV line (worst part of surgery). However then you can get to the good stuff—and that good stuff is called Versed! Really it could be any anti-anxiety medicine but I had Versed and it was FABULOUS! Everything all became funny and relaxing. I was flirting with my nurse anesthetist the whole time—something I would never normally do. I mentioned I loved him at least 10 times. Ask for it as soon as possible! Tell them how nervous you are and they should give you something to take the edge off. Then you will be wheeled off to surgery—which you very well will not remember if you are like me. The great thing about the medicine is you’ll be so relaxed you will not care in the slightest what is going on around you. Once they knock you out you (you probably won’t remember that either if you have some anti-anxiety stuff) you won’t know any time has passed until you wake up in the recovery room with your nurse. They will ask you if you’re okay. How your pain level is. I woke up telling them I hurt so the nurse went and immediately got me some morphine to add to the IV line. Then once I started coming to and they removed the oxygen mask (I had a breathing tube for mine-you may or may not) she asked me if she could get me some coke, tea, juice. I asked for water because if you read nothing else-read this- DRINK WATER FROM THE VERY FIRST SECOND YOU ARE ABLE. Then I had a popsicle. It wasn’t too hard to eat or drink. I had a slight sore throat, felt groggy, and slightly nauseas from the pain medicine. After about 30-45 mins in post op they let my husband take me home. Day one I wasn’t nearly as groggy as I expected. Most people tend to just sleep the whole day on day 1—that’s normal and fine-just DRINK WATER. I drank about a gallon a day the first several days. Also DO NOT SKIP PAIN MEDS! Set your alarm for every 4-6 hrs to take your pain medicine. No matter how tempting it is to sleep-stay on top of the pain medicine and the water.
    It is extremely imported to remain hydrated because if the scabs dry too quickly they can fall off too soon and it can cause bleeding. You do NOT want to start bleeding. That can be very dangerous. So DRINK!

    Days 2-4
    Days 2-4 were pretty much the same for me. I was able to drink water. Had lots of yogurt and applesauce were my staple foods-also soup, popsicles, and mashed potatoes.

    Pain: 3-4
    Day 5-7
    Worst days by far. Scabs are coming off for most people. Hang in there-it WILL eventually pass no matter what you think at the moment. You will probably hurt a good bit—imagine strep throat times 5. But hang in there.
    Pain: 6-9
    Day 8
    Eh—still pretty bad but I was able to eat a baked potato and a cheeseburger (different times)

    Day 9
    Finally my turn around day! I actually started feeling better. I was able to eat 3 whole meals. As soon as you feel like you can eat meals- DO IT. It will help! This is the day I stopped taking my pain medicine (hydrocodone and switched to Tylenol only).

    Pain: 2-3

    Helpful Hints:
    -Get a humidifier it will help! Run it 24/7 whatever room your in
    -Don’t skip doses of pain medicine but try to ween yourself off when you’re able because it is very hard on your stomach and can also be addicting for some
    -Doctor will probably give you pain medicine, liquid antibiotic, and anti-nausea medicine (all liquids)
    -The antibiotic tastes like delicious bubble gum—the pain medicine will taste NASTY and burn like the fire of 1000 suns—I learned that the hard way there is an easier way to take it without irritating your throat. Take a sip of water hold it in your mouth and take tiny sips of water mixed with pain medicine until you’ve got it down. Trust me on this one.
    -Stock up your Netflix que and have plenty of books—you will be simultaneously in pain and bored out of your mind
    -have someone there with you the first few days if at all possible
    -If you start to bleed (which is very unlikely) gently gargle ICE cold water, if you bleed more than a tablespoon get to an ER asap and have a bucket collecting the blood so the doctor will knowing exactly how much you lost
    -Ask for anti-anxiety medicine as soon as you’re able to at the hospital/surgery center
    -Eat soft foods as soon as you’re able-the pain meds will likely cause nausea if you take them on an empty stomach-try to force down a little food as soon as you can and increase as soon as you’re able to do so.
    -Sleep slightly elevated. This will help reduce the likelihood of drainage and ear pain.
    -If your ears hurt-that isn’t uncommon, it is referred pain and not ear related

    Hang in there! I just had this done less than a month ago so it is fresh in my mind if you come up with anything you want to ask me-feel free. Sorry it ended up so long!

    Keep us posted!

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    advice or experience, scared of dying, surgery, tonsil, tonsillectomy

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