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Jessica137 09-16-2014 08:26 AM

Tonsil and lymph node swollen on one side?
Last week I noticed that suddenly my left tonsil of white patches of what looks to be pus. The tonsil was swollen, but nothing on the other side. As the week went on the lymph node on my neck on that side swelled up too, it's tender to touch and feels like it's able to move. A week later and my left tonsil is almost completely white and the lymph node is still the same but not as painful. I went to the doctor and she said I was negative for strep, but gave me antibiotics anyways. They don't seem to be helping. I looked up what this could be and someone told me cancer since it's only on one side, it hasn't moved over to the other side. Please help. :( I'm just so worried, and don't know what to do. Could this be cancer?

gmak 09-16-2014 11:45 AM

Re: Tonsil and lymph node swollen on one side?
Hi jessica, Welcome to healthboards! Im sorry that you arent feeling well! The dr can do a culture & sensitivity of the white stuff on your tonsil after the strep screen negative & it will usually show which bacteria, if any, is causing the infection and which antibiotic would best kill it but after being on antibiotics the culture may not grow well because partially treated by antibiotics & he can also order a white blood cell count, a WBC elevation can possibly indicate whether a bacterial or viral infection but again it would be most accurate if done before antibiotics. The antibiotics may be working to stop the infection from spreading from one tonsil to another. If it were me after finishing the antibiotics i would ask the dr to do the culture & sensitivity & cbc for wbc count if i still had white exudate on my tonsil but if not & i could l see swelling i would want to see an ear nose & throat specialist. I hope that it clears up soon!

Jessica137 09-16-2014 12:29 PM

Re: Tonsil and lymph node swollen on one side?
Thank you! She didn't even do that, but I thought she should have done something instead of just assuming whatever she did. She was in and out in just a few minutes, so I think I'll be going back soon. It just worried me because I was looking only and everything I read said that if it is focused on only one side like mine then it is "probably cancer". This makes me feel a bit better, and hopefully it goes away.

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