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Simon1981 05-05-2011 06:38 AM

Panic about food
Hi all

I hope someone here can understand my experience and maybe offer advice.

As long as I can remember I've had panic attacks and general anxiety about eating. The thing is, I am only like this sometimes and sometimes I love food.

I have depression and the problem seems to come on alot worse if I don't sleep. For example this last 5 days or so have been a nightmare. I've not been sleeping and have been up all night pacing, shaking pretty violently and at times urging even though I know I'm not going to be sick its just panic.

At this time all the panic seems to be worrying about having to eat my next meal. I know if I don't eat and get an empty stomach I will feel even worse.

My mother has always been a nervous person particularly about food and eating away from home so I expect I've picked up some of her issues.

I am 29 now and live with my girlfriend who is amazingly understanding.

I feel like this is destoying my life. My work is also understanding, and I try never to miss work because I feel more settled there (I guess concentrating on something helps but I can't seem to do this at night) and I dont like the idea of being at home by myself while my girlfriends at work.

My docs changed my anti-d and has now given me dizipam. I took one last night to try to get some sleep which did aid me a bit but I still woke up early and panicy. I dont like the idea of having to take them.

Can anyone share they experiences?

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