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ccd20 08-01-2011 11:33 AM

Nearly 3 years later, and my "recovery" has taken a pretty awful turn.
About 2.5 years ago, I had a brief period of extreme dieting and being at a [I]very[/I] low body weight. This only lasted about 4 or 5 months (my family and friends promptly put an end to it).

I was under significant pressure to gain weight, so I put on pounds fairly quickly, and got back up to a healthy weight about 1.5 years ago. And by healthy weight, I mean the ideal weight that my doctors set for me. After that point, I was able to stay at my ideal weight for about 6 months. I was healthy and happy. The best I had felt in years.

After that...I don't know what happened. I had some sort of turn around (this was 1 year ago exactly). I started getting ravenously hungry all the time and I started putting on extra pounds. I'm now 15 lbs heavier than my ideal looks terrible, and my body seems unwilling to let me diet again, so I can't seem to lose it. I don't want to be dangerously underweight again, I learned my lesson...I just want to be back down to my healthy goal weight.

Has anyone else had this problem? Suggestions?

Phoenix 08-22-2011 05:37 AM

Re: Nearly 3 years later, and my "recovery" has taken a pretty awful turn.
Hello ccd20,

You have to be in recovery for you.

Doing it for family members or friends is helpful but if you are looking for the possibility of long-term results,focusing on your needs should be the primary objective.

People don't tend to realize that pressuring others to lose weight can make things actually worse for a person with an ED;especially if they were made to feel guilty in order to produce certain results.

Internal guilt will eventually manifest itself externally,making it visible to others.

There has to be a preventative plan of action going forward.

Within the past year,have you experienced any abnormally stressful situations?

Please explain to your doctors' the extent of the progeression.

Have you thought about seeing a therapist? There may be an underlying condition to consider.


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