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xthegeminix 11-26-2011 04:18 PM

recovery ( whats wrong)
I have been here before and i don't understand whats going on with my body it feels worse not better.I went from stages of bulimia to anorexia through out hs and into the beging of college I end up up with severe anorexia after a few years of exocise bulimia.I was hospitalized for anorexia 6 years aGO.I have since been on meds for adhd , bipolar, and aspergers.I was treated at an ed clinic and told that what I am feeling is normal from the nutrisionist(I would feel pain in my left side then a bad bust of hunger then pain in my left side and could only ease cravigs thru out the day.I don't think this makes any sense I have been on weight gaining meds and the bloating and constipation has goten wose on top of this screwy sense of hunger/ pain.I am seeing my general practitioner next week. He did work in an ed clinic.I don't understand why my body is giving me such problems after so many years.Is there anyone else out there in a similar state.I don't know is it possible to destroy your hypothalamus from an eating disorder.

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