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chris0151 12-19-2011 12:31 PM

been the doctors today
i went to the doctors today as i started to get really panicky about my recovery i asked him what i should be doing and he shocked me he said he wanted me to eat LEAST! two thousand five hundred calories the recommended daily allowance for a man!!

as he wants me to gain at least 1lb a week which i thought was allot but it has taken me over a year and half to lose the weight i had so i guess it will take a while to build it back to a healthy weight

i don't need to put what the recommended daily allowance is because and he said if you eat 500-1000 more not to worry its only going to be doing me good he said you are doing it at the best time around Christmas and he wants me to drink a few units of alcohol a week to help.

i found it funny to be honest that it was coming from a doctor that he said to eat crisps and snacks but to make sure i don't binge i have tried today after seeing him at 11am and haven't managed to reach the recommended daily allowance but there is always tomorrow.

i explained i was scared of re feeding syndrome but he explained to me that i was eating normally as i had my three main meals and snacks eat day but very low calorie versions.

chris0151 12-19-2011 12:33 PM

Re: been the doctors today
i know its early days but after seeing the doctor today has really helped me. just needed to tell someone sorry if i have put this thread in the wrong place

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