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IAmHereIAmThere 12-08-2012 12:46 PM

Anorexia - Very worried

Firstly, my name is Claire and I am 25.

I have health problems such as Anorexia, GAD, and the overflow of symptoms that accompany both of those issues.

I am worried that my Anorexia has developed into something more.
I have been anorexic since I was a baby. So 25 years.

My problem at the minute is my eyes have a yellow tinge in them. I have a photo...
Not just that, I was at the dentist a couple of days ago and he said I had low bone density.
That has set off alot of aniexty. Im worrying that if my dentist said that, does that mean I am or have already developed brittle bones??

I have been under alot of stress recently. Which has resulted in my anorexia jumping on the bandwagon to knock me down a little further.

The symptoms I am having are the same as about 6 year ago. That was when my body was shutting down. So Im scared!

My symptoms are:
Loose stools
Loss of appetite. Small appetite to begin with.
Extreme dizzy spells - close to fainting.
My muscles are aching when I use them. So badly.
I cant even fold clothes up without being in agony. Climbing the stairs aches my legs to the point I need to sit down.
It started with my hands. If I gripped something it felt as though my hand was cramping. It gradually worked its way up my arm. Now its just all over. Only when Im active
Only my back has started aching when I am inactive.
My hair is falling out

Sorry its so long. I am just very worried.
There might be more symptoms but I cant think of any.


USmiss 12-08-2012 06:32 PM

Re: Anorexia - Very worried
Anorexia, though technically means "loss of appetite", is a mental disorder. I've never heard of a baby having Anorexia as in the mental illness. But anyways, I don't know your statistics and don't even share them as it may trigger some people but it sounds to me like your blood sugar is probably extremely low as well as your electrolytes. If you are so concerned about your symptoms, don't you think you should seek out help? You could have a heart attack any minute. Sorry if I sound harsh but sometimes that's what is needed when it comes to these issues. I myself suffered from Anorexia for many years and am still in recovery. I can honestly say from experience that no amount of weight loss is worth the unhappiness and severe health effects that an Eating Disorder causes. Furthermore, I'm not sure what you mean by "I'm afraid my Anorexia may be developing into something more". It is what it is. The longer you restrict your food intake, the quicker your body will eat itself and eventually fail. Please get help before something bad happens to you. You have a long life ahead of you, but if you keep this up, you won't.

IAmHereIAmThere 12-09-2012 03:47 AM

Re: Anorexia - Very worried
Thanx for your reply.

My anorexia has been with me since I was a baby. Doctors dont know why
I have told then numerous times I am not your typical anorexic. Therefore, Im not anorrxic.
Only the doctors claim that I most definitely am. If my BMI is underweight then I am clinically anorexic. Even if I had no anorexia symptoma what so ever.

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that my anorexia is controlled by my GAD. The mental health team agree.. although it wasnt said as a fact.

I will be seeking help but its the weekend. I also worry myself into not going due to my GAD.
Vicious circle kind of thing.

That is why I came here.
And no dont sound harsh at all.
Thanx again for the reply :-)

When i said im worried its going jnto something more. I mean Im worrying incase im at the stage i was at last time when my organs were ready to fail.

USmiss 12-09-2012 05:56 AM

Re: Anorexia - Very worried
I'm still a little confused. Do you have a physical loss of appetite that has no mental basis? Or do you restrict your food intake because you want to lose weight or are afraid of gaining weight? I know as a medical term Anorexia simply means loss of appetite. However, this is under a Mental Health forum so in this case, I expect Anorexia to be the mental illness. Im not a doctor, but I did study psychology and I have experience with these issues.....Simply being underweight (I believe the DSM criteria is 15% your expected body weight or something) and not having an appetite isn't enough to conclude you have Anorexia as a mental disorder. The psychological symptoms have to be present too such as fear of gaining weight, intentional restriction of food, mood swings, avoidance of social situations with food, isolation, etc. I'm just trying to get a better feel for where you are coming from. A baby cannot be born with the mental disorder of Anorexia. There could be a genetic predisposition but an infant does not have the cognitive abilities to intentionally restrict food intake because they want to lose weight.

IAmHereIAmThere 12-09-2012 06:04 AM

Re: Anorexia - Very worried
I have been confused myself for years haha. My bmi is low. I checked yesterday and it isnt too bad. 17.3. Which is quite good for me. I have never ever been in the normal bmi range.
By age 3 I was on Fortisip milkshakes. I have been on and off them all of my life.
The anorexic symptoms I do have are:
Not eating in public and lying about how much i have eaten.

I know i am underweight. I know i am not fat in the slightest. I worry more about being underweight.

Thank you for your help. I know it is confusing. This is why I believe it is my GAD that is in control.

I dont eat wheb I am hugry at times due to worry and stress. Not intentionally. I just no longer feel hungry. Sometimes i am and just cant wat

USmiss 12-09-2012 06:09 AM

Re: Anorexia - Very worried
Yes your BMI is low. If you KNOW you are underweight and don't feel you are fat when you look in the mirror, then it will be easier for you to get better. Why do you lie about how much you ate if you don't want to intentionally restrict or lose weight? The biggest indicator of Anorexia is the distorted perception of one's own body. Even at my lowest weight, I still never how terrible I looked. I just saw fat. It sounds to me like you have more anxiety that anything. Anxiety and stress can of course take away your appetite, I know that one too. Are you on any medication for anxiety?

IAmHereIAmThere 12-09-2012 06:26 AM

Re: Anorexia - Very worried
Thats what I have been saying. My anxiety controls anorexia.
I am clinically anorexic no matter what. Under the criteria of "not maintaining body weight".

I have tried numerous times to get help. Only therapists didnt listen when i told them "yes. I am anorexic but anxiety is the problem.

Obviously anorexia comes with denial. They thought i was in denial.
Only i am not.

The reason i lie about my food intake at times is due to me worrying about others worrying about my health.

I am on 100mg if Sertraline. It is helping my anxiety. I do feel my OCD traits are slipping back though.
It has been a tough couple of months for me.

I dont know if the Dentist has set of Health anxiety when he mentioned low bone density. I have always worried about brittle bones.

I an currently waiting to see the community treatment teams CPN. That is off last year when my health anxiety had spiked. A few months back I was apparently 5th on the list. I thought id of been seeb by now but still no sign

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