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CBaz44 05-29-2020 09:52 AM

So confused by tests.
Hello, my whole life I've gained weight very easily and struggle to lose it, have fatigue, tremors, irritability, weather sensitivity, anxiety mostly.

At first I thought it could be hypothyroid or Cushing's, but I took a 24 hour cortisol saliva test and my saliva tests showed that my cortisol levels were on lower part of the normal range, and my morning saliva was in the low range. My DHEA was normal range.

Last month I took a comprehensive thyroid test and my numbers were all normal, though some numbers were on the lower end of normal like T3 Uptake, T4 Free, and TSH.

I cant seem to get any answers, and Im on wait to see an endo. From my research, I'm thinking it could be pituitary issues (like secondary hypo, or hypopituitary, or a tumor).

Anyone have any opinions?

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