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Chest pain/Pain in armpit both left side

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johnm83 HB User
Chest pain/Pain in armpit both left side


for over a year now i have struggled with chest pain in the left side of the chest, sometimes it is in the left arm and sometimes it is in the left armpit, it constantly gives me the urge to try and stretch it off, rub or itch. i have to admit that the symptoms are either getting slightly better thru time or i am becoming accustomed to them at certain periods. i went to hospital to get it checked when it first happened and was given a ecg which came back fine, this is when it was really bad. i have been to the docs on two other occasions since and after being prodded and poked and had the use of stethiscopes on me i have been told that everything seems in working order and that it is probs muscle pain.... for a year tho? surely this cannot be right? i was given acid flux pills which made me really ill, i have tried gaviscon but they give little reliefm i also find i belch a lot and get the odd sickly feeling.
i have to admit the pain is never central to the chest and is always along the left side. i do drink alcohol which does make it worse the next day but even if i dont i still get lighter twinges. i have also noticed that i have an increased amount of heartburn recently. im 26 and would really appreciate if anyone can give me any ideas as to what is the cause of this.

thank you

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CDG2009 HB User
Re: Chest pain/Pain in armpit both left side

Try seeing a qualified massage therapist. Muscle pain can go on forever if left untreated, which is not uncommon. It sounds like thoracic outlet syndrome (the muscles in your left neck and shoulder are pinching the nerves that innervate your left arm.) If this is the case, 3 or 4 massage sessions could do the trick. Then maintain by going back once a month or so. If you usually sleep on your left side with your arm up under your head, this could be the cause of the muscle tension. If so, try switching sides or sleeping on your back.

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Re: Chest pain/Pain in armpit both left side

have you actually lost any real strength in that arm or any losses of any of your ranges of motions in that shoulder area? it is possible to have actually done something to one of the many tendons, ligaments and muscle that make up whats called the 'rotator cuff" area that just is the underlying structure make up that allow for all of the many many movements that the shoulder just has the ability to do? and it is also very possible to also have certain problems within that highly mobile joint in the shoulder as well like bone spurring or other issues that just can be within any joint in our bodies.

i tore the very top tendon of that rotator(the supraspinatus) that runs from the neck on over to the very top of that shoulder and also had some spurring within that joint there too. there was also a partial tear starting in the tendon directly beneath the one that tore completely on me too. our shoulders/rotators just take ALOT of wear and tear over the years by lifting/moving things and if you play or played certain sports for alot of years like i also did(bowling and tons of softball for me) it all takes its toll over the years and can do damage that will just present itself usually with pain and losses of ROMS depending upon whether it is a complete tear in any tendon or a partial?

i had had pain in my shoulder from time to time and knew i had done something to it many years before the top t4endon just decidied to totally snap on me one moring with just lifting my purse off the top of my fridge one morning. up til that very moment,i had all my ROMS,some were just a bit harder for me to do at times? but the second i lifted, i felt a pull in the top of that shoulder bone and then ALOT of pain start up and immediately lost that particular rom and had to drop that purse in mid lift. that 'lift' was just totally gone right then and there for me. what i did not know yet until i had the MRI done a few days later was that top tendon was already partially torn and kept tearing bit by bit for years before it just 'went' that morning.

i would seriously have your doc run you thru all ROMS and see if anything is off or not right, which could mean a total tear or things still could move normally but you could still have a partial that if its not fixed soon could just do what mine did on me. the thing here is is that MANY many people just do actually have some level of real rotator cuff issues just from that wear and tear aspect alone but do not know it yet only because they still have intact ROMs but DO have that pain in particular areas like you are displaying? that shoulder just does take a good beating thru out the day and whatever we just 'do' like certain sports? espescially either baseball or softball over alot of years? thats a biggie. you could also have some level of real spurring within that joint too whch could totally explain that pain in the arm pit depending upon where any spurring actually creates itself within that joint.

i just think that area really needs a much more in depth look with a good contrasted MRI at this point. you know some of what it is NOT at this stage, but no real dx of what it actually IS that needs to be identified and possibly be treated? finding the 'partial' tears now BEFORE any of those tendons completely snap on us is sooo much easier and much less invasive and painful than if it just gets to where mine was? what could have been all done totally by the scope and teeny tiny camera they use for this ended up using both the scope along with a rather large incision across my clavicle area only because of that total tear i had. that rotator cuff area just really does need some ruling in or out just based upon your symptoms alone. even at your age,like i said depending upon any sports you played or other ways we can just damage the rotator cuff area,this just needs to be looked at.

if by some chance that area appears okay, then the next place to look would be within that c spine area. you could actually have an MRI done on both areas at the same MRI visit too? all your doc has to do is write the order and refer you for this. it would save time and hassle getting the c spine and the rotator done one after the other. these would just be the more 'likely' areas that could be causing your pain. i really don't know just how or why the alcohol appears to actually affect this but how much do you actually drink? now long have you been drinking? the things that are actually on that particular side that could even produce pain at all that could be impacted by alcohol would be the pancreas and the left side of the liver, and the common bile duct. if either organ is inflammed at all, that could cause pain when you drink, but you would have to almost also have something akin to actual pancreatitis or a true liver issue to realistically have pain when alcohol is drank? or it could just be what happens when we drink alcohol in how the dehydration just IS an issue the next day? when we are simply dehydrated,it can create certain problems in particular areas too. our bodies are just ment to have a certain amount of water in them always to just maintain 'normal' functions.

but i would really check out those two particular areas here with at least an MRI with a contrasting agent too just to better highlight certain areas that do not always show really well without the contrast being used. "something" is causing this pain in you that needs to be found so you can get the appropriate treatment, whatever that may be. good luck with this and please do keep us posted as to what you find out. **
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Shalen HB User
Re: Chest pain/Pain in armpit both left side


Are you still having the symptoms as i have exactly the same problem?


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