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Ciara59 12-07-2010 03:23 AM

Need Thyroid Biopsy
My Ct Scan came back that I need a thyroid biopsy. I have a Substernal Goiter/Multinodular goiter affecting both lobes. I have had a thyroid biopsy before but in a hospital setting. This time with the insurance I have it is more affordable for me ($1,800-$3,000 vs $500) to have a biopsy done in the endocrinologist's office. My question is I take Plavix, a blood thinner and my thyroid doctor said he would like me to discontinue using it a week before my biopsy. I'm very concerned about this. Would like to know if this is standard procedure. Would appreciate any thoughts on this. I'm scheduled for a Dec. 16th biopsy. Thank you.

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