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vladybird 09-09-2011 04:40 PM

hyperparathyroidism with low PTH?
My Symptoms...

"Mild" Hypercalcemia:
Calcium 9.1 - 10.7
Ionized Calcium 5.3 (borderline)

Extreme Hypercalciuria:
Calcium in 400's after 48 hr urine collection

Could not detect a tumor, which she said didn't mean I didn't have one

Simple Bone Density Screen:
Above average+ :)

PTH only 13!
Vitamin D 36 (that's on the low side, right)?
Phosphorus 3.8
Kidney Stones = at least 20 calcium in past few years. I also have a duplicated collecting system, to complicate matters.
Headaches (all day everyday)
Nausea (have lost 25 lbs since Jan)
Memory issues
Sleep issues
Frequent urination
Frequent hospitalization
Never feel well
Weak immune system
Can barely make it through the work day (after 3 pm)

It SOUNDS to all my doctors just like hyperparathyroidism, but the PTH is so low. My endo did another set of tests and I am still waiting on the results, but the waiting is TORTURE.

Just wondering if anyone else has heard of HPT with that low of PTH level. I am only 35 and it's not cancer, milk-alkalai syndrome, or sarcoid.

So tired of bouncing around from urology to gynecology to endocrinology to reproductive endocrinology, to GI doctors, etc. It was a brand new integrative medicine MD that suggested we rule out HPT and sent me to an endocrinologist (a great one). This after 6 yrs of suffering with these symptoms no one thought to rule it out!

Anyway...rambling...anyone else have low PTH (teens) yet ALL other symptoms?

If my PTH comes back in the 20's they are going to do surgery with all my symptoms, but if it is in the teens, then no. I swear I might pay out of pocket for elective surgery if that is the case.

Any insights greatly appreciated!

ThirstyMagnolia 09-17-2011 08:39 AM

Re: hyperparathyroidism with low PTH?
Vladybird--I am so sorry for your troubles. Your symptoms sure sound like hyperparathyroidism. Interesting that your bone density is above normal. What kind of DEXA did you have? My endocrinologist says that a DEXA of the finger does not show the true picture of bone health.

I too have borderline high CA since 2005. 10.4, 10.8 and recently 11.5. My PTH has only been tested once and it was 42. I've read on Dr. Norman's website that some people do have high CA with lower PTH, which still means hyperparathyroidism. Re: the ultrasound, if the parathyroid tumor is small or the ultrasound technician not very proficient, the tumor might not be seen.

Have you received your PTH results yet? I know how frustrating it is and your symptoms, minus the kidney stones, sound like mine. Good luck and keep me posted.

vladybird 09-18-2011 06:01 AM

Re: hyperparathyroidism with low PTH?
Yes I have now had 3 HPT tests and they were 10, 13, and 14. Weird, right? The endo doesn't think it is hyperpara. :(

Bamagirl6 05-22-2012 10:54 AM

Re: hyperparathyroidism with low PTH?
My husband is going through the same thing. We found which has a lot of information, but confusing about the lower PTH level. We had another one ran and they will forward the medical information to the surgeon to see. His Calcium levels have been from 10.4 to 10.5 to 10.2. You and my husband have about the same lab results, his vitamin D was 19.9, Urine Calcium 318.6, testosterone was 180, which at his at (35) should be 818...crazy!! Good luck!!

lupkar 01-27-2014 09:39 AM

Re: hyperparathyroidism with low PTH?
I'm going through the same thing but my doctors haven't come to any conclusions yet. One point my endocrinologist made: if your parathyroid is operating normally and your calcium is high for a non-parathyroid reason, they would expect your PTH to be close to 0. In classic hyperparathyroid, the PTH is very high. With it being below normal but not low enough, there may still be an adenoma.

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