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  • Possible Endocrine Disorder, Strange Symptoms, Dr.'s Confused

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    Possible Endocrine Disorder, Strange Symptoms, Dr.'s Confused

    I'm a 27 year old male, up until recently I've been healthy, get tons of exercise and eat well. Just looking at these symptoms, is there anyone out there who can relate? I'm positive for Epstein Barr and the Herpes-6 virus right now, but at present do not present any mono-like symptoms. It's crazy weird varying symptoms and I can't work and have 3 small kids and I really need a diagnosis.


    6/15/11 – 11:30am – Driving - Sudden diarrhea, stomach pain, blood rush to head, then away from head, blurred vision, confusion, no verbal comprehension, loss of speech, numbness in arm and side of face, blood shot eyes, possibly passed out

    6/17/11 – 10:30pm – Lying in Bed - Sudden diarrhea, inflamed sinuses, hot flash, stomach pain, dizziness

    6/30/11 – 5:30pm – At Work- Sudden pounding heart, blood rush to head, diarrhea, inflamed sinuses, stomach pain, dizziness

    7/8/11 – 2:00am – Sleeping- Diarrhea, stomach pain, blood rushing to head, pounding heart, itchy rash from upper torso to upper legs, heat flash

    7/18/11 – 2:30pm – Pruning in Vineyard- Pounding heart, stomach pain, diarrhea, blood rush, blood shot eyes

    7/20/11 – 6:00pm – Putting kids to bed- Diarrhea, blood rush to head, tingling in hands and face, inflamed sinuses, severe stomach pain, heart pounding, dizziness

    8/25/11 – 2:00pm – Walking around- Felt like I was getting hot, blood rush to face, mild arrhythmia

    9/17/11 – 1:30pm - Eating Lunch- Blood rush to face, bloodshot eyes, pressure in head, heart racing and pounding (120bpm) for about 5 minutes, had to go to the bathroom, stomach upset, fatigued afterward, felt like I should go to the hospital but I didn't.

    9/23/11 – 1:00am – Sleeping- Heart arrhythmia woke me up, sudden diarrhea, erratic heartbeat, felt like I was getting hot, pressure in head, went to hospital to make sure my heart was ok.


    Feeling of drunkenness
    Dizziness/not all there feeling
    Intense back and rib pain preventing me from sleeping
    My neck feels like it is engorged with blood
    Pale face/glassy eyes all the time
    Hip and leg pain in morning and at night

    Oh, and PS.. Today my dr. is testing me for VIPoma... THAT'S how 'weird' my symptoms are... 1 in 10,000,000

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    Re: Possible Endocrine Disorder, Strange Symptoms, Dr.'s Confused

    I know you posted this a while ago. I've been having very similar symptoms and feel like I am going to drop dead at any minute. No doctor has been able to come up with a diagnosis. Did they ever figure out what was wrong with you? I hope you feel better.

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    Re: Possible Endocrine Disorder, Strange Symptoms, Dr.'s Confused

    Hi Scoobs333. It's been awhile since your post. Did the doctors come up with anything? Like Mojo37, I also had these same kind of symptoms. In May 2011, I developed tremors that resembled Parkinsons, could not stand for longer that 5 mins and required a reclining wheelchair for doctor appointments and such. My tests finally showed a hyperthyroid yet I have been treated for hypothyroid for over 20 years and continued to have low thyroid symptoms in spite of my lab results. While I was bedridden I learned that undiagnosed and poorly treated diagnosed patients can suffer with adrenal deficiencies (which is an endocrine problem). I stopped seeing my "conventional" doctor and switched to a naturopath. He seems to understand the complexities of thyroid symptoms, lab tests and therapies available. Currently, he is treating me for adrenal fatigue. Now I'm not happy about being on steroids but at least I can do life better than just 2 months ago. I'm actually driving again! I'm also learning how important it is to eat right by eating 51% plant based foods and limiting animal products.

    Take Care!

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    Re: Possible Endocrine Disorder, Strange Symptoms, Dr.'s Confused

    Tonight I had similar feelings: blood rushed to head, felt blood pressure was through roof, but it registered at 114/79. Also had the diarrhea and felt light headed, started to worry that I was having some sort of heart or blood related episode. I take blood pressure medicine and had just taken my first dosage ever of Lipitor about an hour earlier. Now that it's over, I remember having a similar episode about a month ago, but it didn't last as long. This episode was about 15-30 minutes and the feeling came in waves: the blood rush and bloodshot eyes. If anyone has a diagnosis, I'd love to hear theirs. Best of luck to all of you.

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    Re: Possible Endocrine Disorder, Strange Symptoms, Dr.'s Confused

    First let me say, I feel for you and then some. I had similar symptoms and doctors said it was stress related. That was back in May of 2011. Because I knew my own body better than they did and knew they were full of it, I started surfing the web. After much research, I learned that our memory foam mattress contains a certain level of toxins. I learned that people have been having endocrine, kidney and liver problems as well as rashes and asthma. Now I have been hypothyroid for 24 years, but in November of 2011 I became Hyperthyroid. I believe breathing in those toxic fumes for 4 1/2 years contributed to that. I couldn't stand or sit up for long periods of time. To go out I had to use a reclining wheelchair.

    Finally, I consulted a natuaropath and a nutritionist. They are the ones that got me to where I am today. Mind you, I am not 100% but people have commented that I am a walking miracle. They can't believe the turn around. That aside, I have learned soooo much about nutrition and how bad our food is now days. I'm talking fruits and vegetables that you buy at your local supermarket. It is so easy to think your eating right because your balancing your diet. Not so anymore, now you have to consider the quality of the foods you're eating. I thought I was eating right.


    In addition to that I also take dietary supplements recommended for me specifically by my nutritionist. Today, I make my own body soap, toothpaste, deoderant, shamphoo and conditioner. I know it sounds extreme, but I also know removing as much toxicity from my daily life has contributed to my recovery. Lately, I have been working on removing all gluten and soy from my diet as well as msg.

    I've also learned that many people suffer from candida albicans which can become so proliferate in the body to actually cause neurological problems! I've been diligently treating that for the last few days and already feel my thought process improving. And all this because I listened to my body and asked the Lord to guide me to the people who could help me. There is hope. Do your research and listen to others who've been through it albeit cautiously. Most importantly ask the Lord for guidance. This is a mind, body and spirit recovery. Stay strong and God bless.

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