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kyraboo 12-21-2011 06:52 PM

So confused...
A couple months ago, I had calcium test result of 9.5, PTH was 149...I was supposed to then take some calcium supplements and retest. I faithfully did calcium/D/Mag supplements for two months and just got back my new results of bloodwork: Calcium was 9.3, PTH was 207.
I find information of high calcium/high PTH, low calcium/high PTH, however, I have NORMAL calcium, but my PTH is rising (went from 149 to 207 in two months). With my new results, my doc wants me to take ergocalciferol for a few months, then retest. Does this sound right? I am worried I may have a parathyroid tumor and am not getting the correct treatment. Do I need a different doctor? Any info will help me out! I am doing my diligence trying to research this on my own, with limited luck. :confused:

Dixzeland 12-22-2011 06:46 PM

Re: So confused...
You need to find a new Endocrinologist. You have either Benign tumors or overactive glands. I had a Pth level of 80. And near normal calcium levels. I had 3 1/2 overactive glands removed in Sept. 2001. There is not any medication that will lower your Pth levels only surgery.

kyraboo 12-23-2011 01:21 PM

Re: So confused...
I have been trying to find a doctor in MN that deals with parathyroid problems, so far have not come up with any. Is there a reliable source that I am not finding, where I can find some docs that will at least do a scan of the parathyroids?? My vitamin D level was on the low end, calcium normal, but my PTH now 209. I have had fibromyalgia symptoms for years, but now the past 6 months have been having heart arrhythmia-type symptoms that have been very troublesome to me. Also dizziness and feelings of 'whoosh' from the chest area that go to the head when laying down. GP doc says it is from sinus stuffiness. Ugh.

GP wants me to take high doses of vit D for next 3 months, then retest PTH, calcium and vit D. I think I may need to take the bull by the horns on this one. I know there is something terribly wrong with the heart/dizziness stuff going on, but EKG, BP, etc is all 'normal'...I have a feeling it is the PTH. I think I will look into the Mayo Clinic website for their docs and departments, the other place I can think of is the University. Also scanning for as much direct info on parathyroids as possible. Perhaps I should look for the scanning machine sestabi (?) in MN and will find a doc that way.

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