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Lynx34 01-13-2013 04:47 PM

Multiple Symptoms
I have been "googling' for serveral days now and I think I am starting to run in circles, lol. My girlfriend has a myriad of problems and I think I may have narrowed down the search to the Endocrine system specifically the hypothalamus, although from what I am finding out the hypothalamus is pretty complex.

She has clinical depression she is on Lexipro, other than that just birth control.

Very bad short term memory, could be selective though lol
Hard time sleeping, wakes up easily and rarely sleeps through night
She has a hard time expressing her feelings and thoughts about our relationship, she is frustrated very easily and then she cannot function for an hour or so.
Very low sex drive, she was sexual when she was drunk however, or so Im told
She is overweight and cannot crack 200, she eats well though lots of salad not too much junk but she just cant loose it, although she does have a hard time not having desert.
She is always hot, her bedtime routine is maybe 7 minutes and she has to sit in front of a fan for 15 minutes before she will get into bed.
Also she has hard time conveying what she wants to, in other words her tone is usually wrong via what she wants to say.
She sleeps for long periods, not sure if this is caused by her not being able to sleep well or if she just needs more sleep, or thinks she needs more

I wanted to get to the "root" cause of all this instead of just fixing one thing at a time. I came up with the hypothalamus as the culprit as well as studies that show some of these symptoms have shown up in people with the left hippocampic volume lower than control subjects.

So I want to go to an endocrinologist instead of just going to see her shrink again to give us more pills with no testing.

Does it sound like I am on the right path? Or does anyone have a better theory.

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