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  • Please help do i have parathyroidism?

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    Please help do i have parathyroidism?

    Hey guys! I am a 26 year-old male and I am trying to find out what is going on! This is all new to me because till now I have hardly ever been sick my whole life. I maybe had like 2 colds and that's it.
    Anyways so my symptoms started about 6-8 months or so ago. I was starting to notice some pain after urinating. It was not that bad so I didn't do anything about it. I was also having lower back pain that was not that bad but would come and go everyday and was very annoying. I lift weights so thought it was from that. a few months went by and I decided to go to my GP about it. He gave me the antibiotic cipro thinking that it could be a prostate infection.
    I took the cipro for about a week and a half. After that the pain after urinating was slightly less however still there. I was also starting to notice joint pains. Or so I think they are joint pains and I am still not sure if they are or tendons or bone or what. I was also having ankle and shin pain mostly at night.
    That has went away ( comes back occasionally) and now I mostly have some pain around knees, elbows, and hands with my arms or hands feeling slightly week occasionally. At night my quad muscle or what feels like It has started to get tight and cause some pain.
    My hands have felt more shaky and my pointer finger and thumb will sometimes twitch when I move them in certain positions.
    Lately when waking up just feel a lot stiffer. I also feel more tired and been noticing random muscle twitches on different places of my body. very random.
    Also noticing some pain in sternum and ribs area. I have also been having some hair thinning and eyebrow thinning. The eyebrow thinning is what gets me and makes me think it is not just male pattern baldness.

    I had a blood test about 4 weeks ago with slight high white blood count and high calcium levels and high total protein and albumin however ratio is in range:

    wbc 12.6H 4.0-11
    rbc 4.92 4.3-6
    hemoglobin 14.8 13-18
    hematocrit 43.3 40-53
    mcv 88 78-100
    mch 30.1 27-34
    mchc 34.2 31-37
    rdw (cv) 12.4 12..1-18.2
    rdw (sd) 39.5 36-55
    platelet count 343 130-450
    mpv 10.2 7.5-14
    segmented neutrophils 77 40-85
    lymphocytes 18 10-45
    monocytes 5 3-15
    eosinophils 0 0-7
    basophils 0 0-2
    absolute neutrophils 9.7H 1.6-9.3
    absolute lymphocyte 2.3 0.6-5.5
    absolute monocyte 0.6 0.1-1.6
    absolute eosinophil 0
    absolute basophil 0
    percent immature granulocytes 0
    absolute immature granulocytes 0

    Bun/creat ratio 12.7 10-28
    sodium 142 135-145
    potassium 4.1 3.5-5.2
    chloride 99 96-110
    carbon dioxide 21 19-31
    anion gap 22H 4-18
    protein, total 8.5H 6-8
    albumin 5.7H 3.3-4.9
    globulin 2.8 2-3.7
    alb/glob ratio 2.0 1-2
    calcium 10.7H 8.7-10.5
    alkaline phosphatase 60 40-129
    alt 19 5-60
    ast 17 10-50
    bilirubin, total 1.1 0.2-1.3

    t4 8.9 4.5-12.5
    tsh 1 0.45-4.5
    t3 total 116 80-200
    t4 free non-dialysis 1.6 0.8-1.7

    CRP <1.0 <8.0

    I also had the autoimmune panel done and everything came back normal/negative.

    Just 2 days ago I had another comprehensive panel done because another doctor I am talking to was concerned about the elevated calcium levels.
    My white blood cells are down now and so is my calcium level however it is still higher. It is 10.4. I read that if calcium level ever raises it could mean parathyroidism and also says should not be above 10.1 or so. My lab resulst show that 10.5 is in the normal range.
    My lymphocytes are also higher now but still in range. Alb/glob ratio still 2.0 but protein total and albumin are high

    wbc 5.8 4.0-11
    rbc 4.85 4.3-6
    hemoglobin 14.4 13-18
    hematocrit 42.8 40-53
    mcv 88 78-100
    mch 29.7 27-34
    mchc 33.6 31-37
    rdw (cv) 11.9L 12..1-18.2
    rdw (sd) 38.1 36-55
    platelet count 327 130-450
    mpv 10.2 7.5-14
    segmented neutrophils 50 40-85
    lymphocytes 40 10-45
    monocytes 8 3-15
    eosinophils 2 0-7
    basophils 0 0-2
    absolute neutrophils 2.9 1.6-9.3
    absolute lymphocyte 2.3 0.6-5.5
    absolute monocyte 0.4 0.1-1.6
    absolute eosinophil 0.1
    absolute basophil 0
    percent immature granulocytes 0
    absolute immature granulocytes 0

    Bun/creat ratio 13.6 10-28
    sodium 142 135-145
    potassium 4.5 3.5-5.2
    chloride 102 96-110
    carbon dioxide 26 19-31
    anion gap 14 4-18
    protein, total 8.2H 6-8
    albumin 5.5H 3.3-4.9
    globulin 2.7 2-3.7
    alb/glob ratio 2.0 1-2
    calcium 10.4 8.7-10.5
    alkaline phosphatase 53 40-129
    alt 16 5-60
    ast 20 10-50
    bilirubin, total 0.8 0.2-1.3

    also in this one had GFR estimated 122 >61
    and I had my b12 checked since can cause these symptoms
    b12 684 243-894
    glucose 81 65-99
    urea nitrogen (bun) 11 8-25
    creatinine 0.81 .60-1.5

    Also Vitamin d levels were on the lower side
    31.3 30.1-100

    I am going to talk to the doctor tomorrow to see what he thinks after getting back the results but I know some doctors think my calcium level is still in normal range now.

    So any help? What do you guys think

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    Re: Please help do i have parathyroidism?


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    Re: Please help do i have parathyroidism?

    I don't know much about parathyroidism. I personally have hypothyroidism but it sounds like u deff don't have that. However your thyroid levels are on the low end, especially tsh, so look up hyperthyroidism and see if u have any of the other symptoms. I would also recommend for u to start taking vitamin d! Ur levels are in the normal range, but barely. Before I found out about my hypothyroidism I felt terrible. The first doctor I went to told me my thyroid levels were fine (GPs use a wider scale for tsh normal whereas endos will treat if ur borderline if u have symptoms)
    But I started on vitamin d and I felt alot better in ab a month. I had alot of the same issues as u are having- the joint pains, muscle twitches, hair loss.
    So I would recommend u take the vitamin d for 4-8 weeks, take alot, take around 15,000 IU (I actually took the perscription vitamin d bc my vitamin d level was 12 so I took 50,000 IU which u can only get with a script)
    U can ask ur doc for a script for that or the highest they sell OTC are 5,000 IU so u can just take 3 or 4 of those a day for a month or so and see if u feel better. If not, go in for repeat labs and ask your GP to refer u to an endo who can do more tests. U may need a thyroid antibody test done, or a lupus or Graves' disease test, as those are diseases related to thyroid that can come back positive even if tsh is normal. Hope this helps! But deff try the vitamin d. And idk limit ur calcium and protein bc it sounds like they were high. Sometimes getting too much of something can cause the same issues as a deficiency would.

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