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RayH23 01-26-2017 09:27 PM

Possible Endo?? Not sure
Hello Ladies, I'm 23 years old I've been having this lower right pelvic pain for about 2 months now. I have experienced this same pain before last year 2016 from May-July and i was on my period in may for two weeks but nothing was found wrong because I experienced this pain weeks before my period in my lower right pelvic area and in back I couldn't stand up straight I was so nauseous, severe pain. I semi got a break from it after July. Towards the end of November of 2016 I noticed the pain started doing the same thing it creeps up on me and then it's like boom!!! And I found myself in the same situation bad pain in my lower right pelvic area and back can't stand up straight nauseated, this was a week or two before my period when my period started it became so much worse I had to go to the hospital the pain was unbearable. I don't want to experience it again I had a CT scan with dye done when I went to the hospital but it was clear nothing abnormal was given pain killers and sent on my way and was told to follow up with my doctor. The day before my hospital visit I had actually seen my Primary care doctor because of the pain I was having all through December before my period, and he had Scheduled an ultrasound for me to have done which I had done on the 13th of January 2017. When I went in to the hospital to have it done I was laying on the exam table and she couldn't see my uterus so she decided to do a vaginal ultrasound. Long story short there was nothing found there either. My doctor sent my results in through my online account and said if I continued to experience the pain we would do a repeat exam but why in the world would I do that if nothing showed up the first time. I emailed him and politely told him I wanted further testing or to be referred to a GYN. Because I've still been experiencing this achy, crampy feeling in my lower right pelvic area it's constant for a few days and its off and on I feel it in my thigh area as well sometimes my whole leg, I've even noticed changes in my bowel movements again from constipation to diahrrea more so diahrrea. Naproxen doesn't help, aleve barely helps, advil Definitely doesn't help. I am however set up with an appointment to see a GYN on February 7th. I'm just hoping I can get answers and find out what's going on instead of being given pain killers and pushed to the side. Hopefully this GYN can help me.

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